The Dawn of the Witch Season 2: Release date, Plot, and updates

Helmed by Satoshi Kuwabara, The Dawn of the Witch is an anime TV adaptation of Kakeru Kobashiri’s light novel series. It also serves as a sequel to the popular Grimoire of Zero. Although it has new characters with a fresh plotline, the spin-off series has received positive reviews from anime fans. With its finale episode being aired just recently, fans have been anxiously wondering about the series’ future. As of now, there is no formal word on a possible sequel to The Dawn of The Witch. But considering its original series’ popularity, it is likely that a season two will arrive sooner rather than later. That said, find below all the details relating to The Dawn of the Witch season two:

Has season two of The Dawn of The Witch been officially greenlit?

Sadly, no. Since the series has just completed its initial run, it is very early to even demand a sequel’s renewal update. However, we are holding out hope that there will be more to Saybil’s journey of magic. 

The Dawn of The Witch’s Storyline: What is The Dawn of The Witch about?

It is set a decade ahead of Grimoire of Zero’s occurrences with Sybil, the boy having a difficult time at the Royal Academy of magic with no trace of his memories. And an encounter with a silver-haired woman sets him off on a special mission to the country’s southern region which is not safe for witches. However, with his companions, Holt, Kudos, and Laos, they are likely to attain an impossible feat. 

To get a complete idea of the anime adaption, read the official plot synopsis of its manga, “The world is now at peace after having endured a conflict between the church and witches for 500 years. However, embers of war still burn in some regions of the world. Saybil is a hopeless student at the Kingdom of Wenias’ College of Magic. Saybil has somehow lost all memory of his time before attending college. The school’s headmaster Albus sends him for special training to the southern part of the continent, where persecution against witches runs strong.”

As of now, there are five novel volumes published, hinting that there is plenty of material content for another season if creators plan to continue the storyline in future episodes. 

The Dawn of The Witch Season two’s possible Storyline

With no confirmation regarding the series’ renewal, we cannot guess what will follow in season two. And we are in no mood to give spoilers to those who are unvetted about the manga. 

But those who have read the manga, might be aware what could season two be like. 

The Dawn of Witch’s main characters: Who is in the season one’s cast?

Saybil- Saybil is at the forefront of the story. He is the boy who has no memories of his boyhood years before attending the Magic Academy. Saybil’s character is voiced by Shuichiro Umeda. 

Professor Loux Krystas Laos: Miho Okasaki plays Laos, who joins Saybil to read the Grimoire of Zero or have a chance to fully know the secrets behind Zero’s long-life and evergreen youth. 

Holt-Holt studies with Saybil at the Academy of Magic. She is beast fallen deer by birth and has the capabilities to be the greatest magician. Her character is voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro.

Kudo- Kudo is a lizard beast fallen student at the Academy with the ability to perform skillful protection magic. Taku Yashiro voices Kudo in the spin-off series. 

The anime has a different English cast for its dubbed edition. 

The Dawn of Witch is available for streaming on Crunchyroll (with ads). And it also has a paid service available on a subscription basis. If future episodes of the anime are released, fans should expect them on the same streaming platform.

Is there any trailer for The Dawn of Witch Season two?

No trailer for The Dawn of Witch is yet released as the anime is neither renewed nor canceled at this moment. However, we shall keep you posted as we hear more specifics about The Dawn of Witch Season two. Till then, stay tuned. 

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