The Cursed Season 2- Cancelled or Renewed?

The Cursed is a television series adaption of a novel written by Tom Wheelers and Frank Miller. It follows the story of an Arthurian Legend, narrated by a young girl with a mysterious destiny. Netflix dropped the first part of this fantasy series in July 2020. And since then, the serial drama had gone on an infinite hiatus. It is further said that the streaming giant is not considering its renewal for another season. With that piece of information, fans are wondering if there would be a second edition of The Cursed? To know the answer, stick with it till the end of this blog. 

Is The Cursed Season two releasing any soon?

Unfortunately, in July 2021, Netflix has canceled the series. The reason behind this decision is still unknown. However, speculation is that the show failed to get the desired viewership numbers which led to this unexpected action. If the action drama gets picked by another platform or network, then there is a possibility of a second season. Having said that, we have no choice but to wait patiently for the renewal news. Additionally, the halt in production worldwide might push back the date of airing of The Cursed part two. Even so, we are optimistic that a piece of good news is coming sooner than later. 

Season one of The Cursed included a total of ten episodes. So, potentially, The Cursed two, might follow the same format. 

What can we expect in the Plot of The Cursed Season 2?

Assuming the storyline of the sequel is not easy in the dearth of any specifics relating to the plot of The Cursed follow-up. Nevertheless, we anticipate that the Netflix series will answer the trail of questions left behind. A most important one being whether The Lady of The Lake is alive or dead? Since at the beginning of the series, Nimue was severely injured. And the same scene was shown at the end which left the fans in suspense. Later, she rescued father Carden by putting her life at stake. Yet she failed to save herself from the religious order, red Paladin. Whether the fans agree or not, the series did not end on a happy note. 

Season two can take several directions after the future set of occurrences. Thus, we have no intentions to give any spoilers to the fans. Yet it would be interesting to watch how the primary characters come together after parting ways to battle the follies. 

Whom can we expect in the Cast of The Cursed Season two? 

If not all, most of the characters would return for the second season of The Cursed. Katherine Langford and Devon Terrel are likely to be at the front stage of the series. In addition, other supporting casts will be joining them. To name a few, Gustaf Skarsgard, Peter Mullan, Lily Newmark, Shalom Brune Franklin, Daniel Sharman, Sebastian Armesto, Emily Coates, Billy Jenkins will continue entertaining the audience through their brilliant performances. 

Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler might be at the helm of the show as executive producers while Alex Boden might produce the show. 

There is no official statement regarding the cast of The Cursed two yet. Thus, it is a bit early to talk about the new add-ons to the cast of this fantasy series. 

Despite the series popularity, Netflix decided to axe the show after just airing for first season and as a result, a second season won’t happen. But we still have hopes that The Cursed will make a comeback. But when and how, are still not revealed.

Season one of The Cursed is available for streaming on Netflix. So, why not go on an adventurous trip with our favorite characters?

Watch this space for more from the entertainment industry. We shall update this blog as soon as the series gets a renewal. 

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