‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ Sequel to hit Netflix soon?

Stranger Things star Priah Fergusan’s spooky horror comedy movie ‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ was a superhit amongst the audience on Netflix. Getting a peak into the father-daughter duo of Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson, ‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ revolves around the Halloween story where the duo has to come together to save their town from an ancient spirit that conspires to bring all of the spooky Halloween decorations to life.

‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ 2 Renewal Status

As per the reports, there are no official announcements concerning the renewal of ‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ part 2. Netflix does not really have any concrete plans about giving a green light to the movie’s sequel. However, fans can expect a positive announcement considering the popularity of the movie and how well the audience received it.

‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ 2 Release Date

As mentioned before, the Halloween-themed movie ‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ has not yet been officially renewed for another part or sequel and hence there has been no official release date for the same. It is expected that if the movie receives a green light for the sequel, it is expected to come out during the spooky season of 2024- HALLOWEEN!

‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ 2 Returning Cast

It is expected that the OG father-daughter duo of Priah Ferguson and Marlon Wayans will return to your screens and reprise their roles. It is also expected that Kelly Rowland (Emily Gordon), John Michael Higgins (Principal Floyd), and Lauren Lapkus (Mayor Tammy) will also return to their roles.

Where to watch ‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ 2?

‘The Curse of Hollow Bridge’ is available for everyone to watch on Netflix. The sequel, if released, will also be available for everyone to watch on Netflix.

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