The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Release date, Cast, And Other Updates

Good news for those who were eagerly waiting for Cleaning Lady Season 2!

As we saw at the end of the first two episodes of season 1, some suspense has been uncovered and a few secrets are left behind. Keeping an eye on the current scenario, we can anticipate that everyone is looking for the upcoming episodes of The Cleaning Lady. If the story continues, we may surely see it’s next season.

The Cleaning Lady is an American crime, drama, and thriller series, which has created a place for itself in the audience, for its remarkable storyline! The series is based on a 2017 Argentine TV show, La Chica Que Limpia. Recently, Fox Media aired ‘The Cleaning Lady Season 1’ on January 2, 2022. This marvellous series is produced by Stewart Lyons and Joe Lotito and directed by Miranda Kwok. 

The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Release Date

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 was much loved by the audience – and managed to receive a huge response of over 7 million viewership. Besides, the series consists of a total of 10 episodes, whose finale would be expected to release on 14 March 2022 as per a source. As per the rating, this show secured a 7 out of 10 rating on IMDB. 

As of now, no official announcements have been aired by FOX media about the release date of ‘The Cleaning Lady Season 2’. However, we might expect to see the second instalment of the series by 2023 or later!

The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Cast

As we know, Fox Media never compromises with its cast and always delivers top-notch performances, the cast of the second instalment is gonna be epic, too! Like we have seen in this series so far, every cast is fitting perfectly in their character. Let’s take a quick brief of the cast expected to be seen in season 2.

  • We may undoubtedly see Élodie Yung playing Thony De La Rosa’s role. In this series, Thony plays the role of Manila’s doctor who gets trapped in Las Vegas – after having an expired visa. She had come here for the treatment of her child. Now that she’s trapped, she has to do the job of a mob cleaner to bear her son’s medical expenses.
  • We would see Adan Canto performing as Arman Morales. Armaan is a gangster living in Lasvegas, who is associated with a group of powerful criminals of the underworld. He assures Thorny that he will bear the cost of her child’s medical expenses. In exchange, she will have to take up the job of a cleaner.
  • Oliver Hudson is seen playing the role of Garrett Miller. Garrett is an FBI agent, who is the sixth to catch Armaan by making Thony as bait.
  • Martha Millan, who appears as Fiona de la Rosa’s role, is Thony’s sister-in-law.
  • Sebastien and Valentino LaSalle play the character of Luca De La Rosa, who is Thony’s son. He is battling a very rare immune deficiency disease, which Thony keeps hidden from the rest of the world.
  • San Lev is seen as Chris whereas Faith Bryant as Jaz. They are aunt Fiona’s son and daughter, respectively.
  • Himeva de Dominici is seen as Nadia Morales, who plays the role of Nadia Morales. 
  • Many more cast members are seen in the supporting roles such as Jay Mohr playing Councilman Eric Knight’s character, Shiva Nagar as Isabel Barsamian, Liza Weil performing as Katherine Russo et al.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2: Plot

As we saw in Season 1, the entire story revolves around Thony de la Rosa. She’s a doctor from Melina, a city in Cambodia who lives with her husband – and a kid named Luca. One day it is discovered that Luka is diagnosed with a very rare type of immune disease. If it is not treated at the earliest, it can also lead to death. Seeing such a condition of the son, Thorny, leaving her husband in Cambodia, comes to the US with her child for his further medical treatment. But as soon as Thony’s only hope (only matching bone marrow donor) refuses to donate the bone marrow, her visa expires and they get trapped in Las Vegas. To meet her expenses for her child’s medical treatment, Thony works as a cleaner for a gangster named Arman. 

In the coming season 2, we may see a continuation of the storyline ahead of it. We can’t say anything until an official announcement regarding the plot of the series comes. As soon as we get any information, we will post it in the next article. Till then, stay connected with us!


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