The Chemistry of Death Season 2: To be Renewed or Cancelled?

Originally aired in 2019, The Chemistry of Death follows the story of forensic scientist Dr. David Hunter as he uncovers the reason behind the mysterious murders in Eastvale town. So far, there’s only one season of the series.


Here are all the potential updates on the second season of The Chemistry of Death!

Will there be a season 2 of The Chemistry of Death?

As of February 2023, The Chemistry of Death is yet to be officially renewed for season 2. However, when the first season aired, it premiered as a single season – and so, there are less chances of the second season. But let’s be hopeful and await more news from the makers.

The Chemistry of Death season 2 release date

As the series hasn’t been renewed, there’s no trailer for the second season. Once the makers announce the official release date, we will update it here. Until then, stay connected with us!

The Official Star Cast

For the second season, we expect the return of almost all the cast members. However, as of now, the makers haven’t released an official star cast list. But here’s who is expected to return:


-Rachelle Lefevre will return as Detective Jane Rizzoli 

– Lorraine Bracco will return as Dr. Maura Isles 

– Bruce McGill will return as Lt. Vince Korsak 

– Jordan Bridges will return as Frankie Rizzoli Jr. 

– Lee Thompson Young will return as Barry Frost 

– John Doman will return as Father Daniel Brophy 

– Billy Burke will return as Gabriel Dean 

– Idara Victor will return as Nina Holiday 

– Darri Ingolfsson will return as Dr. Mario Silva 

– Brian Goodman will return as Sgt. Ronan O’Mara

What to expect from the storyline?

The second season of The Chemistry of Death will likely get picked up from where the previous season left off. We may expect to see Dr. Amy Lyons investigates the gruesome murders that took place in a small town of Eastvale. As she explores deeper into the mystery, she learns that each death is somehow connected to a powerful mystic force that manipulates events behind the scenes, making it difficult for the scientists and detectives to uncover the true mystery. 


With the help of her colleagues, Amy must discover how she can beat the dark forces and reach her ultimate goal. But the path won’t be easy of course – Amy will face several life-threatening dangers. She will uncover secrets about her own past life that could change everything about the way she thinks and feels about her life! The plot for the second season is definitely gonna be gripping and entertaining for the viewers!

How many episodes could there be?

If the makers decide to follow a similar pattern, the second season may also consist of 6 episodes. However, there’s no official information so far. 

Is The Chemistry of Death worth watching?

The Chemistry of Death is a crime drama series appreciated for its intriguing plot and the wonderful implantation of chemistry. Being a crime drama series, the show is obviously fan-favourite (viewers love anything crime and drama!) The storyline features Detective Chief Inspector David Brock as he investigates mysterious murders and disappearances in the small town of Eastvale.


The actors of the series are absolutely amazing – Stephen Tompkinson, Robson Green, and Amanda Burton, making the show a definitely worth watch. If you’re looking for something that involves gruesome murders and intriguing mysteries, you will find The Chemistry of Death entertaining for your taste. Do give it a try!

Is there a trailer yet?

Nah, as of right now, the series hasn’t received the greenlight for the second season. And so, there’s no trailer or teaser available. You may watch the previous season’s trailer down below for the time being.


Where to watch The Chemistry of Death?

You may watch the series on Paramount Plus. All the episodes are available to watch and stream on the same platform. Happy watching!

Is there a season 3 of The Chemistry of Death?


No updates!


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