‘The Calling’ Season 2 Official Updates: Check Here!

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the renewal or cancellation of “The Calling” for Season 2. Peacock has not disclosed its decision, and the evaluation process may take time, considering factors such as ratings and reviews. The show has garnered mixed reactions from both critics and audiences, with some praising the unique protagonist and others expressing concerns about its pacing and engagement.

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Is ‘The Calling’ Season 2 Happening?

As of now, there is no official announcement from Peacock regarding the second season of “The Calling.” Despite the recent conclusion of the last season, the network has not confirmed the show’s return for the upcoming edition. Fans will need to await an official statement from Peacock for updates on the potential second season.

Given that the series recently concluded, it may be too early to anticipate the renewal of the upcoming season. Fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation from Peacock, and it’s advisable to stay tuned for official announcements from the network to get accurate information about the show’s renewal.

‘The Calling’ Season 2 Release Date

The initial season of “The Calling” has achieved a commendable rating of 6.6 out of 10 on IMDb and has been warmly received by viewers. Following the completion of the first season, it is now accessible on Peacock. If a second season is confirmed, it is anticipated to be released on the same platform. Leaked information hints at a potential release around the middle of 2024.

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‘The Calling’ Season 2 Returning Cast

As of January 2023, the makers have not yet finalized the star cast for the upcoming season of the series. Considering the cast and the finale of the upcoming season, there is speculation about potential cast members, and certain names have been shortlisted as possibilities:

  • Jeff Wilbusch playing the character of Detective Avraham Avraham
  • Juliana Canfield playing the character of Detective Janine Harris
  • Karen Robinson playing the character of Captain Kathleen Davies
  • Michael Mosley playing the character of Detective Earl Malzone
  • Tony Curran playing the character of John Wentworth
  • Chris Sullivan will play playing the character of Paul Serra
  • Steven Pasquale playing the character of Leonard Conte
  • Stephanie Szostak playing the character of Nora Conte
  • Noel Fisher will play playing the character of Zack Miller
  • Annabelle Dexter-Jones playing the character of Dania Miller
  • Christopher Mann playing the character of Michael Rosen
  • Derrick Delgado playing the character of Danny Serra
  • Constance Zimmer playing the character of Anna Harvey
  • Charlie Besso playing the character of Vincent Conte
  • Mattea Conforti playing the character of Olivia Conte
  • Sandy Hernandez playing the character of Elisabeth Serra
  • Liam Delgado playing the character of Eric Serra
  • Matthew Del Negro playing the character of Peter Hanney
  • Rafael Cebri├ín playing the character of Brad Holt
  • Danielle Davenport playing the character of Marcie Holt

For confirmed details about the cast, it is recommended to await official announcements from the makers.

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