The Breaker Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Plot

Are you a fan of anime series? Popular South Korean manhwa series the breaker is highly speculated to make a comeback with season 3. However, not much information is available concerning the potential third season.

The series has been written by Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrated by Park Jinhwan. The breaker series garnered much acclaim for its gripping storyline. The new season of the anime series has a surprise in store for the manhwa lovers. Here is everything about the new release.

The Breaker Season 3: Release Date

The release date or the popular manhwa has not been confirmed yet. However, the good news for the fans is that Jeon Geuk jin and illustrator Park Jin-hwan have unanimously confirmed the start of the new project sooner. The writer and the illustrator are presently occupied with another project and, as per sources, have shifted their focus to this manhwa series. Expectations are that once their other projects Trinity wonders s released, the production of the breaker would also initiate. The writer and illustrator have confirmed the news of the possibility of a new season for the breaking. Expectations are that the breaker would be released in sometime in 2022 or by mid 2023.

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The Breaker Season 3: Cast

No official announcement has been made regarding the cast of the upcoming season. However, expectations are that the cast from the previous seasons would be making a comeback in the new season. This means that Kant sung, Serra Kang, Mrs. Y, Sae be, Jin le Quan, and shi woon would be seen reprising their roles.

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This also indicates the chances that I siun would be seen as Shiwoon Yi, Han Cheonu as Chunwoo han, Jaegyu as Jaekyu Kwon, and Jeonjangil as Jangil Jeon.  The possibility is that some additional cast might be added to the new season of the breaking.

The Breaker Season 3: Plot

The breaker is a chunwoo Hana martial artist who earned the title from Murim, a secret martial arts society. The murim government garner chunwoo’s hatred by killing his martial arts teacher. Chunwoo is transferred back to a fictional school for a mission by the defense group.  In school, he meets shiwoon, who faces bullying.

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Chunwoo trains him in martial arts to help him tackle the bullies. Just when chunwoo attains the mission of freeing sosull, he learns that the martial arts alliance has taken shiwoon hostage. In the conflict followed, shiwoon is renounced as chunwoo’s discipline and gains protection by law from a martial artist who desires to take revenge on chunwoo. Shinwoo also learns that sun woos clan leader sosul names him as his successor. In the sequel, the breaker new waves shiwoon declines the head of the sun woo clan. The martial arts alliance is seen losing control over the world, and a new group Nine arts dragon emerges that terrorizes the ordinary citizens. Shinwoo, upon learning about the existence of the new organization, resolves to destroy them for tarnishing their teacher’s name. The new season would follow the chunwoo han at his early age. It would showcase how he went ahead to earn the title of a famous martial artist. It would also show Chunwoo’s fight against muriam. The new story would show shinwoo’s role as the successor of the sun woo clan and his try of occupying the qi center. The story is likely to reveal the way shin woo plans revenge against the martial arts alliance.

The Breaker Season 3 Trailer

It will probably take a while for the trailer to be released since the makers are yet to make official announcements.


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