The Barrier Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Where to Watch?

The thriller mystery series The Barrier won a lot of hearts across the globe for its impeccable storyline, drama, and characters. Ever since season one ended, fans have been waiting for official news to confirm The Barrier season 2. 


The Barrier Season 1 internationally debuted on Netflix in September 2020. It is a Spanish futuristic drama whose plot is based 20 years after World War III ended. 


Will there be The Barrier Season 2?


Netflix is yet to officially confirm a renewal of the Spanish dystopian series The Barrier. Fans do not have any idea about The Bardier season 2 as the makers have made no official announcement in the same regard. 


The Barrier Season 2 Plot 


The Barrier season 1 is set in 2040, 20 years after World War III had ended. It is a fictional futuristic Spanish series starring Unax Ugalde, Olivia Molina, and Eleonora Wexler in the lead roles. The story focuses on the survival of a family in a future dystopian Madrid and the challenges faced by them in the due course. 


We do not have any official plotline about The Barrier Season because the makers have not made any official announcement regarding the same. 


The Barrier Season 2 Cast 


Fans are expecting the trio of lead cast members to reprise their roles with immense accuracy and sharpness. In addition to them we can also have some of the supporting characters back on the screen:


  • Unax Ugalde as Hugo Mujica
  • Olivia Molina as Julia Pérez Noval
  • Eleonora Wexler as Alma López-Durán
  • Abel Folk as Luis Covarrubias
  • Ángela Molina as Emilia Noval
  • Manu Fullola [es] as Coronel Enrique
  • Daniel Ibáñez as Álex Mujica
  • Laura Quirós as Marta Mujica
  • Elena Seijo as Rosa
  • Óscar de la Fuente as Fernando
  • Ángela Vega as Begoña Sánchez
  • Nicolás Illoro as Iván Covarrubias
  • Belén Écija as Daniela Covarrubias
  • Yaima Ramos as Manuela
  • Alina Nastase as Chica espía 

Where to watch The Barrier?

All the episodes of The Barrier season 1 are available to watch on Netflix anytime anywhere. To get more info and updates about The Barrier season 2, stay tuned with us!

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