Terra Formars Season 3: Renewed or Canceled; Here’s all you need to know

Certainly. Terra Formars originated as a manga series created by Yu Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana. Serialized in “Weekly Young Jump,” the manga gained popularity and resulted in several adaptations. Two original video animations (OVA) were released in 2014, followed by an animated television series covering the Annex 1 arc. The anime adaptation involved the collaboration of Liden Films and TYO Animations.

Additionally, a spin-off manga named “Terra Formars: Police” commenced in 2014. Furthermore, director Takashi Miike helmed a live-action film adaptation, released in 2016. The Terra Formars franchise has expanded across different mediums, providing fans with diverse ways to engage with its universe.

Terra Formars Season 3 Renewal Status

After a hiatus of six years since the last season, there hasn’t been an official renewal announcement for Terra Formars Season 3. However, the possibility of a new season remains, given that the anime has only covered about half of the manga’s published volumes. With a source material that extends to 22 volumes, there is enough content to support the production of a third season. Additionally, considering the positive response from audiences and critics, there is optimism that the show might receive the green light. Keep an eye on updates for any official announcements.

Terra Formars Season 3 Release Date

As of November 2022, there is no scheduled release date for Terra Formars Season 3, and the show is yet to be officially renewed. Considering the OVA released in 2018, if we consider it as the last episode of the series, there is still time for the potential release of Season 3. Anime adaptations typically take 3-4 years to produce. Stay tuned for updates on any official announcements regarding the release date.

Terra Formars Season 3 Plotline

Terra Formars unfolds a narrative set in the 26th century, where the space program endeavors to reach Mars. Scientists from the 21st century attempt to make Mars habitable by warming it up. To do so, they devise a cost-effective strategy to send cockroaches, intending for them to adapt and absorb sunlight, with the insect corpses serving as a food source for mold.

However, a deadly disease known as the Alien Engine Virus breaks out on Earth. The Annex I team, comprising enhanced individuals, is dispatched to Mars to discover a cure for the disease. Their mission becomes challenging as Mars is now infested with powerful humanoid cockroaches that have evolved into one of the most intelligent species on the planet. Season 3 is expected to depict the intense battle between humans and humanoid cockroaches.


Stay tuned with us to receive official updates about Terra Formars Season 3!

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