Temptation Island USA Season 5: Release date and more updates

Inspired by the Dutch program, Blind Faith, Temptation island is a reality competitive show that follows the journey of couples exploring their single lives on an island. Planned initially on Fox, the USA Network brought a remade edition of the series in January 2019. And the dating show became a hit with audiences because of its drama and plenty of entertainment. February 2021 saw the series releasing its sixth part, and since then there are already rumors about a possible season 5 of Temptation Island. Disappointingly, the series has not been officially greenlit for season 5. But considering its worldwide popularity, there is no reason why the series will not return. With that positivity, here’s everything you must know about Temptation Island’s season 4;

Temptation Island season 5’s Airing date: When will it be aired?

Since the series has just dropped its last season’s finale, it is very early to expect to hear any specifics about its next edition. However, given the consistency of this series when it comes to new episodes, we assume that its next batch of episodes will arrive by sometime in 2023, at the very least. 

Although there is no mention of the episode count of the future installment as of now, we expect it to follow its previous 12-episode format.

Temptation Island season 5’s Plotline: What’s new in it?

The concept of the temptation island is not very different from other dating shows. But it is more of a compatibility test for the couples who have arrived on the island to ponder about what kind of relationship they want if they wish to continue with their existing partners or start afresh with someone she/he created a bond with at the island. It’s surprising to see long-term relationships spilling off by the season’s end and seldom do people truly understand their relationship in absence of the other partner. 

The last seasons saw four couples deciding to move to the island and explore their single lives. 

Should the series get a green light, it will possibly bring into the mix a few couples and single men and women. 

Temptation Island season 5’s Casting Roster: Whom to expect as the new couples and singles?

Though the casting list for season five remains unknown, we are sure that the upcoming part will have equal measures of fun, drama, intimate moments, and intense breakdown moments like its previous installments. 

Season four consisted of four couples, Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker, Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Lagares, Gillian Lieberman and Edgar De Santiago, and Iris Jardiel and Luke Weschselberger. Every couple brought something unique to this show in terms of their compatibility level and understanding. While some couples parted ways on the show, others tied the knots with their partners. 

Mark L. Walberg has served as the host for its last seasons, thus, fans would be delighted to see his vocal skills for another installment. 

 Where is the filming location of season five?

Since the information regarding the fifth part is still up in the air, it is difficult to say which location will the showrunners select next for its production. However, given its theme, we know for some reason that it will be a setting in between a mesmerizing island. 

Its previous production locations included Ambergris Caye, Belize, Roatán, Honduras, and Maui, Hawaii with each having its own unique scenic beauty that makes the viewers stick to the show till the end. 

Temptation Island season 5’s trailer: Is it yet available?

No trailer for Temptation Island has yet been announced for part 3. However, as soon as the renewal announcement is out, fans could expect a sneak peek into the show’s future episodes. Until then, watch this space for more updates on Temptation island’s season 5.

Conceived and written by Aliyah Silverstein and Brendan Wentworth, the show has a host of international versions as well. 

If you have not binged it already, head over to Amazon Prime, Fabo Tv, USA Network or Peacock right away. 

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