Ted Lasso season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

It did not take much time for Apple Tv + sports comedy series, Ted Lasso to be a fan favorite. It landed on the streaming service in August 2020, followed by a season that premiered in July 2021. With the third installment of the sports drama series underway, fans are wondering what lies ahead in store for them. Disappointingly, the creators are tight-lipped to reveal many details about Ted lasso’s third edition, however, we are topo hyped to not miss out on any specifics relating to ist next round of episodes. With that, here’s everything that we know so far about Ted Lasso season 3.

Release date Ted Lasso Season: When is it due to air?

We have no premiere date for Ted Lasso three to mark our calendars, but we can assume that the award-wining series will hit the screens sometime in 2022. If we go by its airing schedule, the potential season seems all set to drop in the summer of 2022. 

In the late Lates how with John Corden, Hannah Waggingham (series actors), hinted at the third installment production schedule, which is likely to commence from 14th February 2022. Furthermore, an Instagram post by Brandan Hunt, the show’s creator, featuring him and the series lead, Jason Sudeikis boarding a plan, had captioned “here we go.” With that, we have slight evidence that the series has hit production, and we will get to see them return soon.

Ted Lasso season one had 10 episode count, while season two was also 12-episode long. Thus, there is no way that the third season will not stick to this long episode format. 

What the Plot of Ted Lasso season three is about?

While there are no precise plot details for Ted Lasso’s season three, we can anticipate what the plotline will be about looking t its last season. Season two exposed Ted Lasso’s mental issues, while he leads AFC Richmond to the English Premier League. The previous season concluded with many loose threads, which the fans are left to guess game. Nathan Shelley, a former coach at Richmond abandons the team and joins the Rubert-owned, West Ham United. Season three will see Rebecca and Ted Lasso on on one side, while Rupert and Nathan be their new arch-enemy. In addition, season two saw Keeley Jones, and Roy Kent’s relationship in tangles, after the former wants to focus on her modeling career. Now the burning question arises whether Keeley will choose Jamie, her ex who has seized an opportunity to reunite with her amid Keeley, and Roy’s fights, or Roy, who we saw breaking down in the ending episodes. Considering the plot twists of season two, the future episodes are anything but predictable at this moment. 

Who is in the Cast for Ted lasso season 3?

Apple Tv+ has not released anycast information for Ted Lasso season two, nonetheless, you can be sure that the titular character, the American football coach, Ted Lasso will be back in action for the round third. Ted Lasso is portrayed by Jason Sudeikis, who has garnered several awards for his screen performance. Another confirmed entry to the series is Hannah Waddingham, who expressed her eagerness to continue on the series as Rebecca, AFC Richmond’s owner in a recent interview. We also expect Phil Dunster to join the series cast as Jamie Tartt as his character Jamie’s arch is not met a closure yet. In addition, Brett Goldstein essays his character as Roy Kent, Keeley’s boyfriend. Brendan Hunt is likely to reprise his role as Coach Beard. Other returning characters include Keeley Jones played by Juno Temple, Nathan Shelly as Nick Mohammed, and Toheeb Jomoh as Sam Obisanya because they have a narrative thread to finish. However, Sarah Niles’s character Dr. Sharon Fieldstone is least likely to reappear in the series since she bid goodbye to Ted and the the team in the last episodes. But Ted Lasso has to confront the psychiatrist for her dark secrets, so the fans may expect the Nile in season three. James Lance may also make a comeback as Trent Crimm in season three. 

The series is co-created by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly. They also executive produce the show along with Jeff Ingold and Bill Wrubel. 

With that information,  we have to wait a while for official casting news to know things better.

Trailer for  Ted Lasso Season three: Where to check?

A trailer for Ted Lasso Season three is not yet released. Given that the trailer is not a long way off, and if things go smoothly, we will see it anytime soon. 

Watch this space for more news on Ted Lasso season 3. Also, tell us how excited you are for the third run of Ted Lasso? Comment down your answers below.


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