Taboo season 2: Expected release date, Cast and Plot

Taboo, a BBC period drama series debuted in 2017 on BBC One. Its first edition garnered positive reviews from fans the world over. Set in 19th century London, Taboo covers a host of issues from pleas of working-class and business corruption to inequality prevailing during the 1800s. Created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and Chips Hardy, the series got renewed for a sequel in 2017. Sources suggest that the scriptwriting of season two is nearly over. However, due to the pandemic, the production has slowed down worldwide which is one of the reasons behind the delay of Taboo Season two. If you are dying to know what happens after James Danley, Atticus, Lowa, Michael, and others sailed out to America, then stick with us till the end.

Taboo Season 2: Release date

Since the release date of Taboo Season two is pushed back the second time in a row, fans worldwide are dismayed. Presently, no official announcement has been made relating to the airing of Taboo’s follow-up. But our best possible guess is that season two’s filming will commence in the last quarter of 2021. With that said, there is anticipation that it will be out by early 2022 or late 2022, at the least.

The first part of Taboo dropped in January 2017 and consisted of eight episodes. So, it is fair to assume that the second edition may follow the same pattern with a total of eight episodes.

Additionally, there is a piece of good news for fans as Steven Knight has confirmed that the BBC television series comprises two more parts including the second installment.

Taboo Season 2: Plot

Season one of Taboo ended on a cliffhanger, which has left the audience in wonder and suspense. At this moment, it is difficult to predict the storyline of the sequel. Yet the previous hints dropped by Steven indicate a riveting story and solid characterization. There is a tidbit regarding an American secret network, Colonnade playing a significant part in the setting of the story of Taboo Season two. The sequel could also explore more of James’ story and its family history. Overall, brace yourself for more criminal drama, bloodshed, treasury, and dark humor. Hopefully, we do not have to wait much to witness the impeccable performance of Tom Hardy in one of our favorite British drama series.

Taboo Season 2: Cast

Season one marked the end of the journies of a few characters like Zilpha Geary, the half-sister of James, Winter, Thorne, and Carlsbad. While the series makers might fill up the void by introducing new roles, familiar characters will also be leading the story ahead. With Tom HardyColonnade reprising his role as
James Delaney, the protagonist of Taboo. Besides him, other supporting actors including Jessie Buckley (Lorna Bow,) Stephen Graham (Atticus), Mark Gatiss, David Hayman (Brace), Jason Watkins (Soloman Coop), Edward Hogg (Michael Godfrey), and Nicholas Woodeson ( Robert Thoyt) will also be a part of the crew.

Season one of Taboo is available on FX and BBC one for streaming. Till we patiently wait for more updates from the series makers, why not go on a nostalgia trip? Watch this space for further updates about Taboo Season two. 

Taboo season 2: Expectations

Following James’s release from prison, James discovered the news about the suicide of Zilpha, who was devastated when James had left her. The news broke James into pieces, but in the moment of truth, Lorna lifted his spirits and made him aware that the mission was more vital than his personal grievances because all the people in the League of the Damned were dependent on James’s leadership. The whole conversation was a hint at the romantic chemistry of James and Lorna and would explore in “Taboo” Season 2.

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