Super PupZ Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Super PupZ is a Canadian action comedy adventure family drama streaming television series created and directed by Robert Vince. The series was released on Netflix on March 31, 2022. It stars Dave Foley, Harland Williams, Michael Teigen, Davide Fair, Aria Birch, Dylan Schombing, Momona Tamada, Veena Sood, April Cameron, and Brian George. 


The official synopsis of Super PupZ season one reads:


“Four superpowered pups work as a pack to help their new kid pals — and a furry alien friend — in a cute and cuddly cosmic adventure!”


Super PupZ is a mood maker and a hilarious series that can be enjoyed watching equally by both young and adult audiences, especially the younger ones who will be intrigued to watch the dogs speak. The series is pretty fun to watch irrespective of age and keeps you entertained throughout the series. You’ll find action and many hilarious moments in Super PubZ. The first season consists of nine episodes in total with a running time of approximately 25 to 35 minutes.


  • Episode 1: Pilot

  • Episode 2: What in the World Is Friendship?

  • Episode 3. Superpups, Superheroes

  • Episode 4: Plan Z the Trap

  • Episode 5: Supermentor

  • Episode 6: The Greatest Superpower Is Teamwork!

  • Episode 7: UnPack the Mystery

  • Episode 8: Storming the Observatory

  • Episode 9: Saving Zeta


With the first season released months ago, fans can’t help but wonder whether the series will return with another season. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Super PupZ.


Super PupZ Season 2 Release Date: When is it?


As of August 2022, Netflix is yet to determine the renewal or cancellation of the series. Although the first season came out several months ago, not a single word has been heard from the show makers which only makes us question if the show intends not to return in the future. However, until we get an official announcement we can not just assume things.


Nonetheless, if Netflix bestows the green signal for season 2, fans are expected to see the brand new episodes sometime in 2023. 


The Cast & Characters of Super PupZ Season 2


If the 2nd season of Super PupZ gets renewed, almost all the cast and characters of the first season are expected to reprise their respective roles again. This includes:


  • Aaron MacGregor in the role of Haggis 

  • Alexis McKenna will be seen as Luna 

  • Dave Foley will return as Professor Dennis 

  • Harland Williams will be back as Fisk 

  • Michael Teigen in the voice of Rocco 

  • Davide Fair will portray Andre

  • Aria Birch 

  • Dylan Schombing will be seen as JJ 

  • Actor

  • April Cameron will be portraying Dr. Connors 

  • Brian George in the role of Shep 


Super PupZ Season 2 Storyline


Story details for the upcoming second season are scarce as it’s been kept under wraps. It’s also because the show is not renewed yet. However, if Super PupZ gets renewed, we’ll naturally get more updates about season 2. 


The first season indeed ended on a positive note and this indicates that season 2 will start with a new adventure with the superhero PubZ and also more screen time for Bree as many fans want to see toddler Bree in action. 

Stay tuned!

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