Super Crooks: All You Need To Know About

Super Crooks: All You Need To Know About

Are you a fan of super crooks comic books? Then the good news for you is that an American live-action spinoff series based on the super crooks comic is said to release sooner. The series would lay focus on supervillains from the narrative universe. The anime is created by Mark Millar, the author of the comic, and Leinil Francis Yu. The first glimpse of the anime is likely to be released this year. Here is everything about the new release.

Super Crooks: Release Date

Super Crooks is a second project by anime studio Bones. The series would be telecasted on Netflix. As per reports, the anime is likely to be premiered during the Annecy festival, likely at the end of 2021. However, no official confirmation has been yet given regarding the release date of the series.

Super Crooks: Cast

Famous animation studio Bones is producing Super Crooks. The studio has earned rose to fame for its works, including Fullmetal Alchemist, My hero academia, and the Godzilla franchise. The cast for the series has been up under wraps. However, speculations are that some characters from Jupiter’s Legacy would be seen in Super crooks.

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As mentioned in the book, it is expected to have some crossover as an adaptation of the comic book.  If this is true, then high prolific cast from Jupiter legacy, including Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Frace, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade, would be seen essaying their roles of superheroes in Super Crooks.

Super Crooks: Plot

The super crooks story is a heist adventure that features a group of supervillains who gather together. Johnny Bolt paroles the group to pull off his last crime in Spain. Unfortunately, the group’s target is another supervillain named The bastard who keeps his gains in a hidden vault underneath his house. The comic had four issues which made it a stand-out read.

Co-creator Miller cited that the anime is expected to have 13 long episodes. It is presumed that the creation would be adding a bit of depth to the live-action show to intrigue the audience. Since cast from Jupiter legacy would be seen in a cross in the new anime, the story is expected to have several twists and turns. The show had ended on a cliffhanger; with the cast making an appearance in Super crooks, it is expected that the new anime would provide a bit of closure to Jupiter’s legacy.

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