Summer Camp Island Season 7: When is it releasing and what updates to know?

“Summer Camp Island” is an American comedy adventure fantasy TV series conceived by Julia Pott. The series first premiered on July 7, 2018. The story follows two best friends Oscar (Elliott Smith) and Hedgehog (Ashley Boettcher), who one day decide to go on a summer camp but when they arrived at the destination they noticed that some unfamiliar things happened to them. 


“Hedgehog is this incredibly smart, science-oriented woman, and Oscar is this sweet naive kid who wants to stay a kid and believes in the good in everyone. They balance each other out. They love each other unconditionally, and they’re just exploring this world together,” explained the series creator to Los Angeles Times.


Upon release, the series received favorable responses for its impeccable storyline in an age-appropriate way that kids can enjoy watching the show. As of now, “Summer Camp Island” is in its sixth season and fans of this show are extremely looking forward to the arrival of the seventh season. So without any further ado, let’s delve into the details below.


Summer Camp Island Season 7 Renewal Status


Naturally, you are pumped up by “Summer Camp Island,” which isn’t uncommon if we have seen the talented cast or the tale, and that is why many are wondering whether this amazing series will be back with a seventh run or if it’s over for good. 


However, we’re sad to inform you that there won’t be the seventh season because the series was removed by HBO Max. Season six was scheduled to premiere on the streaming service in 2023. 


Despite being pulled from the streaming service in the US in August 2022, Cartoon Network had notified The AV Club that the sixth season will air on Cartoon Network. Creator Pott was left clueless about the reason for its expulsion.


Pott took to Twitter and expressed her disappointment. She wrote: “We worked for five years to make 100 episodes of animation,” she added. “We worked late into the night, we let ourselves go, we were a family of hard working artists who wanted to make something beautiful, and HBO Max just pulled them all like we were nothing. Animation is not nothing!”


She also discussed the sixth and last season which was set for discharge in 2023. “We worked through the pandemic to make 20 linear episodes that are our most beautiful work yet,” she declared. “I cannot wait for you to see them. YOU WILL SEE THEM! I will not rest!”


Release Date For Summer Camp Island Season 


Because the series was removed from HBO Max, there is no release date scheduled. But if on the off chance Cartoon Network commissions for the series for another season we can expect the new episodes to be out sometime in 2023 at the earliest.


The first season was released on 


The Voice Cast & Character of Summer Camp Island 


If Season 7 happens, we expect the main cast members of Summer Camp Island to return including:


  • Oona Laurence in the voice of HedgehogJulia Pott will voice Susie   

  • Bobby Moynihan voices Mortimer/Jimjams /Melvin/Dennis/Ghosts/Mountain/Toad Doctor/ Tub 

  • Elliott Smith in the voice of Oscar 

  • Sam Lavagnino voices Pepper/Alien King 

  • Indie Nameth will voice Lucy 

  • Ramone Hamilton in the voice of Max

  • Ethan Maher voices Puddle/Boyband/Dream Boy   

  • Fortune Feimster will voice Ava/Dolly/Mrs. Goose/Star /Vern   

  • Charlyne Yi voices Alice/Nancy

  • Naomi Hansen voices Pajamas   

  • Nikki Castillo voices Betsy 

  • Andre Robinson voices Oliver 

  • Alexa Nisenson voices Alexa 


Currently, Summer Camp Island is available to watch on HBO Go.


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