StartUp Season 4: Release date, Cast and more updates

Conceived by Ben Ketai, StartUp is an American drama TV series that premiered on September 6, 2016, on Crackle. The series features Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Adam Brody, Addison Timlin, Martin Freeman, Ron Pearlman, and Mira Sorvino. 

The story revolves around “the emergence of GenCoin, a brilliant yet controversial tech idea centered on digital currency—an idea that gets incubated on the wrong side of the tracks by three strangers who do not necessarily fit the mold of tech entrepreneurs and a crooked FBI agent who will go to any lengths to take them down.”

The series has obtained mixed responses from the audience and critics. Despite its poor reviews, The giant streamer’s subscribers firmly supported the show and instantly occupied the Top 10 list following its launch in 2021. Many fans believed that the series would be picked by the streamer for a second installment. Currently, the series has produced three seasons in total and fans of the show are eager to know whether or not there will be the fourth season of StartUp. Let’s find out below.

The release date for StartUp season 4: When is it?

The first season was released on September 6, 2016, consisting of a total of 10 episodes. The second season was launched on September 28, 2017, consisting of 10 episodes. The third season premiered on November 1, 2018, consisting of a total of 10 episodes.

As of now, there is no specific release for the fourth season of StartUp. There has been no word from the showrunner as well. The series has not been renewed or canceled yet either and it looks like it will take some time till we hear any official news. 

Furthermore, ever since the series’ arrival on Netflix, the ratings were somewhat boosted and this gave hope to fans that the streamer would revive the show.

If we had to guess for the release date, it would most probably be safe to predict that if a fourth season happens, shooting would commence by this year and the new episodes could pretty much arrive by the end of this year or in early 2023 but this all depends on the filming schedule.

The cast of StartUp season 4: Who’ll be in it?

As previously mentioned, the series is still waiting to be greenlit for a fourth installment but if renewed, it’s a given fact that the same characters who appeared in the previous seasons are highly expected to reprise their roles in the next season as well that includes–

  • Adam Brody (as Nick Talman)
  • Edi Gathegi (as Ronald Dacey)
  • Otmara Marrero (as Izzy Morales)
  • Martin Freeman (as Phil Rask) 
  • Ron Perlman (as Wes Chandler) 
  • Addison Timlin (as Mara Chandler) 
  • Mira Sorvino (as Rebecca Stroud) 

Recurring Characters

  • Ashley Hinshaw (as Taylor) 
  • Tony Plana (as Mr. Morales)
  • Jared Wofford (as Frantz) 
  • Jenny Gago (as Marta Morales) 
  • Kristen Ariza (as Tamara Dacey) 
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr. (as Touie Dacey) 
  • Génesis Castro Díaz (as Elsie Dacey) 
  • Jocelin Donahue (as Maddie Pierce)
  • Wayne Knight (as Benny Blush) 
  • Aaron Yoo (as Alex Bell) 
  • Vera Cherny (as Vera)
  • Joshua Leonard (as Rance)
  • Reina Hardesty (as Stella Namura) 
  • Tyler Labine (as Martin Saginaw)
  • Zachary Knighton (as Tucker Saginaw)
  • Allison Dunbar (as Kelly)
  • Michael McKiddy (as Nico Wexler)

The plot of StartUp Season 4: What to expect?

Plot details are scarce and nothing has been revealed yet neither from the stars nor from the showrunner. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

The third season of Startup is wrapped with twisted events. Mara and Ronald received $100 million from Saginaw. Nevertheless, they lost about sixty million fellows inflicted by a mystery pouch. This caused collisions between investors and the firm. Viewers also witnessed the death of Rebecca in the last season.

So if there’s a fourth season, we expect it to be a lot more interesting and show us more about the alliance between Ronald, Nick, and Izzy. In other words, the new season will unravel many secrets thus bringing us more new dramas.


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