Starstruck Season 2: Release date, Cast, and Plot

HBO Max’s rom-com series, Starstruck grabbed the attention of numerous fans globally due to its realistic portrayal of modern relationships. The series landed with its first round of episodes in April 2021 and got an early renewal for a second installment that premiered in February 2022. Now that part two is already out, fans are wondering about what future the series hold. To the dismay of fans, there has been no official word about Season two of Starstruck. However, Patel has expressed his desire to be a part of this world that he has grown to love if Rose Matafeo has plans for a season three. Seems that at this moment, the creator has not decided about a third installment, but we really hope that she does not go with the British way of going with the two-seasons series. With that, here’s everything that you must know about Starstruck Season three.

Starstruck Season three expected release date

Since the series has aired just, expecting an official lunch date for its next season is a little too much. Nonetheless, we can make an educated guess given its prior release timeline as to when a season three would be out. It is expected that the series will be out sometime in 2023 if it gets the go-ahead soon. Hoping that season three does not face a delayed in production due to the ongoing Coronavrius pandemic and surprise fans with an early release.

Season one’s release schedule was disrupted by the production slowdown amidst Covid lockdowns and restrictions, while fans did not have to wait for long to see new episodes of season two. That said, we are optimistic that showrunners have a piece of good news for us. 

You may watch Starstruck’s previous 6-episode seasons on HBO Max, and enjoy a relatable and equally messy Jessie and Tom’s relationship.

Starstruck season three’s possible storyline

Since season three is still up in the air, it is hard to make accurate predictions about what the next season be like. However, based on the cliffhanger ending of season two, it is safe to assume that Jessie and Tom’s on- and off relationship is up for another challenge. With Tom and Jessie back together in the closing scenes, we see more of them coming in the third round. Tom has told earlier that he is moving to Atlanta for work, but Jessie certainly has no plans to go out of London at least for some time. Does that mean that season three will bring the couple into a long-distance relationship if there is any? Or perhaps the story can go in another direction. IT is not the ideal time to say anything about the storyline of Starstruck three. But we are thrilled to know what happens next after Jessie and Tom kissed one another at Sarah and steve’s engagement ceremony. Is there a happily ever after or maybe the two are too messed up to be in a relationship? Hoping we get our answers in season three. 

Starstruck Season three’s casting news

With no official information about season three’s arrival, it is unclear who will be in the cast of part two. Nevertheless, the series cannot go ahead with its core characters, Jessie and Tom. With that, Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel would potentially reprise their characters in another outing as the show leads. We also anticipate other supporting characters returning to the series including Emma Sidi as Kate, Sindhu Vee as Sindhu, Joe Barners as Joe, and season two’s new entry, Russel Tovey. Starstruck featured Minni Driver in a guest role as Tom’s agent, Cath. 

Matafeo has told in interviews that the plot of Starstruck is aptly inspired by a real story of her KIwi buddies who met a popular star of Hollywood at a night pub and had a chance to have a great time with him. Jessie and Tom’s story strikes a chord with the audience because of its well-crafted writing style. 

Season three of Starstruck trailer

We have no trailer for Starstruck season three as of now. But we shall soon update this space as we get more specifics about Starstruck season three. So, stay tuned and make sure to check with us for more.

We are waiting to know what you think of Starstruck season three? Do Jessie and Tom still have plenty of stories to tell? Or does the series has provided a satisfying ending? To us, the series has always told complete stories, but we would be delighted to hear more of it. 


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