SSSS Dynazenon Season 2: Release Date, Cast & Plot

Popular Japanese television anime series SSSS dynazenon is set to make a comeback with its sequel. The series is produced by Trigger and is a prequel to the 2018 anime SSSS gridman. The series served as the second installment in the gridman universe. The first season of the series garnered much acclaim from the viewers. Here is everything about the new release.

SSSS Dynazenon Season 2: Release Date

The first season of the series was first aired in Japan on April 2021.  Season 1 premiered 12 episodes that concluded on June 18, 2021. The studio was made in collaboration with studio trigger. Although the anime has ended, the gridman universe’s continuation was announced recently with a teaser for its entry.


The news created a buzz in the market about the possibility of a season 2. However, no official date has been given about the expected release date of the new season. Speculations are that if a season 2 is made, it will likely be released in 2023.

SSSS Dynazenon Season 2: Cast

The season 1 of the series featured Daiki Hamano voicing Gauma, Junya Enoki as Yomogi Asanaka, Shion Wakayama as Yume Minami, Yuichir Umehara as Koyomi Yamanaka, Chika Anzai as Chise Asukagawa. The other characters included Zaiohn, Garnix, Bulbind, Didoras, Kaiju, Mei, Mujina, Onija, and Juuga. If a second season is made, expectations are that the variety of casts from season 1 would make a comeback.

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The main characters from the series are likely to reprise their roles in the new season. This indicates Yuuta Hibiki would essay the role of high school student, Gridman as an agent, Rikka Takarada as Yuuta’s classmate, Shou Utumi as the founder of the gridman alliance. However, no official announcement has been made regarding the cast for the series.

SSSS Dynazenon Season 2: Plot

The series showcases young asanaka, an ordinary high school boy who runs into a young man Gauma. The young man claims to be a Kaiju user. When the city of Yomogi is attacked by Kaiju Guama suons giant robot dynazenon to battle, Yomogi and his classmates Yume get caught in the battle and become copilots dynazenon along with Gauma.

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Together they stop the attacks of Kaiju. Season 1 ended with Yomogi controlling Sizumu Kaiju with his eugenicist abilities. Gauma dies with the realization that he was destined to meet Yomogi and others.  The second season would likely witness the return of characters from both SSSS dynazenon and SSSS gridman and knight and second. The plot for season 2 would showcase new adventures faced by Yomogi and his friends. Also, a new team of Eugenicists is likely to show up, which indicates the chances of another waging war.


As of May 2022, there are no official updates regarding season 2 of SSSS Dynazenon but as per the latest report, it appears the anime series is in its early development stages. Are you excited for season 2? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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