Spirit Rangers season 2: Renewal Status and Release date updates?

“Spirit Rangers” is conceived by Santa Ynez Chumash tribal members, as well as the first California Native American showrunner Karissa Valencia, who also serves as a co-writer of the series and is executive produced by Chris Nee.


Netflix’s “Spirit Rangers” is a product composed of an all-Native writers’ room which was important for Valencia as she finally made her dream program a reality. The series debuted on October 10, 2022, consisting of a total of ten episodes.


“The writers’ room is the heart of the show. That’s where you’re building the world, the characters, creating all the magic and I didn’t want my perspective to be the only perspective,” Valencia said. “To make this family really feel real was to bring in multiple perspectives.”


The fantasy-adventure series is based on tales from the Native American tribes and the magnificent terrains of national parks of America. The show inquires into the adventure and loveliness of wilderness through the sights of Kodi, Summer, and Eddy Skycedar. 


“Growing up on and off the reservation, when I was home it was always so meaningful to me that my family and my tribe were doing everything they could to keep our culture alive and would always share the traditional stories of our land and place,” Valencia told TODAY. “So I grew up hearing stories of trickster coyotes and how the condor got its black feathers.”


Upon release, the series received positive responses and fans are curious to find out if there’ll be another season of Spirit Rangers. Let’s find out below.


Spirit Rangers Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?


Currently, “Spirit Rangers” has not been renewed yet by Netflix. Given the massive popularity of the show, a second season looks quite inevitable. The tenth episode series was released in its entirety on October 10, 2022. So if we have to make a guess, the series will return with its new season most likely in mid or late 2023.


The Cast of Spirit Rangers Season 2


In Season 2, we expect the three siblings who are the main characters in the show and are being voiced by Wacinyeya Yracheta, Isis Celilo, and Talon Proc Alford to return once again. Here are the names of the characters they play and including other members who are expected to return as well:


  • Wacinyeya Yracheta as the voice of Kodi Skycedar

  • Isis Celilo Rogers voices Summer Skycedar

  • Talon Proc Alford in the voice of Eddy Skycedar

  • Kimberly Guerrero will be voicing Mom Skycedar

  • John Timothy as the voice of Dad Skycedar

  • Cree Summer voices Lizard, Deedee

  • Shaun Taylor-Corbett will voice Coyote

  • Wes Studi

  • Devery Jacob

  • Nyla Rose


What Can We Expect From Spirit Rangers Season 2?


The plot for season two of Spirit Rangers is not known. However, showrunner Valencia in an interview revealed that she would like to explore more of the native perspective.


“While I’m the showrunner, I still wanted to have a Native perspective at least every step of the way. There’s so many departments that make a TV series, so at least there’s one Native voice in the room,” she illustrated, putting in that it’s been an “amazing process of inviting in folks that have never worked in animation or just have never worked in the entertainment and giving them their first shot, and feeling that energy of like, they want to prove themselves, they want to create Native characters.”


Spirit Rangers Season One is available for streaming on Netflix.


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