Spartacus Season 5: Everything we know so far

Series based on historical events arouse a special interest in the audience globally. Spartacus is one such historical drama that has made its impact in the world of cinema. First aired in January 2010, the Starz series had rave reviews from the fans the world over. In 2013, Spartacus finished its fourth season including a prequel with great success. Even after nearly a decade, its fans often wonder if there will be more in store for them. Unfortunately, Spartacus: The War of Damned marked the end of this fiction series. However, we are optimistic that the creators might have plans for season 5 of Spartacus. Here’s everything you need to know about a potential Spartacus Season 5

Spartacus season 5: Release date

Unfortunately, there is no set premiere date of Spartacus Season 5 as the producers have reiterated their decisions about ending the series in several interviews in the past. It is disheartening that the creators have not thought of a fifth installment whereas the viewers are still hopeful for its comeback.

The series ended with its third and final season and therefore, a fourth and fifth season won’t happen.

Spartacus includes a total of 39 episodes and is currently available for streaming on Starz. 

Spartacus season 5: Cast

As of now, there is no definite information about the cast of Spartacus Season 5. Besides, it is very difficult to anticipate the cast because the series is on an infinite hiatus, or say, still in the dark. In that case, Starz is the last hope we have. Once Spartacus is confirmed for the fifth part, we could have a clear picture of the additions to the cast. But so far, nothing is confirmed by either the creators and the original cast. 

Spartacus: Blood and Sand featured Andy Whitefield in the lead, but to the dismay of the fans, the actor succumbed to cancer in September 2011. So, Liam McIntyre was brought into the fold in the sequel and he lasted for all remaining seasons of the series.

Spartacus season 5: Plot

Given that Spartacus four had several loose strings, a fifth chapter makes sense to the fans. Even so, it is tricky to predict where it will lead following the events of its predecessor. However, we hint at a waging war between Spartacus and Argon, the surviving Gladiator. Additionally, the entry of Pompey in the closing scenes hints at an emerging story centering around him. Although everything is just a speculation as nothing is known about a potential Spartacus part five yet. 

Chapter four of Sparacus saw the last battle between Spartacus and Marcus Licinius Crassus and Spartacus’s wins against Crassus. It was a full-package of history mixed with numerous action performances. 

Spartacus season 5: Trailer

Whether the fifth part is happening or not is still a hard nut to crack for us. That said, a trailer would be too much to ask. 

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