Southern Charm Season 9: Release date and Cast update to know

Southern Charm made its debut in March 2014, and since then, it has successfully finished its eight runs. Its season eight dropped in 2022 summer and has not disappointed the fans with its drama elements. Given the reality show’s popularity, it is hard to not see it coming for another season. This brings us to the obvious question, when will the next batch of episodes roll out? To the fans’ dismay, the series has not been greenlit as of now. But it will be just a matter of time before it will see the light of day. With the previous season keeping us to the edges of our seats, we hope that more surprises may come along the way. That said, here’s everything we know so far about a possible Southern Charm Season 9:

Southern Charm Season 9’s Premiere Date: When it will air?

The creators have not been consistent with their filming and release schedules, which makes it very difficult for us to predict its exact date of premiere. But given that the show comes up with its new episodes rather quickly, we expect season 9 to hit our screens earliest as mid- 2023 or perhaps early 2024. These are purely speculative dates and we should await the official confirmation before relying on the same. 

So, you’ve ample time to catch up with its prior seasons which have a total of 111 episodes. 

Southern Charm Season 9’s plot: What’s cooking this season?

It is safe to say that Southern Charm will pick up from where its predecessor left off. 

With Kathryn and Chleb’s breaking up, fans think they still have a chance with each other. Though there is gossip about Chleb’s departure from the show., but we better not believe them.

Taylor and Shep’s broken relationship has left fans sad because they will miss their favorite. We saw Austen and Olivia’s great relationship and sure, we’d love to see more of them on the show. Madison made a revelation in season 8 and it feels like her part is not over yet. 

We anticipate that season 9 will go wild and crazy as there is room for plenty of drama. 

Southern Charm Season 9’s Cast: Who will return?

Southern Charm boasts an impressive cast that has done a commendable job of bringing us back for every season. But there is nothing like regulars on the show because every season, we see some new and old faces in the mix. This season will be no different. Season eight welcomed Olivia Flowers, Venita Aspen, Chleb Ravenell, and Taylor Ann Green as the main cast alongside Conover, Rose, Dennis, Kroll, Bonaparte, and Olindo. Marcie Hobbs was the newest addition to the cast. We hope that she has a part to play in the next batch of episodes. 

We are still skeptical regarding the likable returns for season 9. However, aren’t we hyped up to witness another season full of drama, entertainment, and some action? Stay tuned for more. 

Southern Charm Season 9’s trailer: Where to watch?

Typically, the trailer for Southern Charm is out prior a couple of weeks leading up to the premiere date. Thus, you should wait a while until we’ve official renewal confirmations. Until then, the trailer is off the table. 

Watch this space for more gossips and updates from the entertainment world. 


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