Somos. Season 2: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Created by James Schamus and co-penned with Monika Revilla and author Fernanda Melchor, “Somos.” is developed for Netflix and conceived as a limited series that made its debut on June 30, 2021. This show is heavily inspired by the article “How the U.S. triggered a massacre in Mexico” published by Pulitzer’s award-winning and well-renowned journalist Ginger Thompson. It describes the tale of the slaughter executed by the Los Zetas cartel in the boundary town of Allende, Coahuila, which took place in 2011. The series stars Mercedes Hernández and Jero Medina.


Fast forward to June 2022, it’s been a year since we last heard any word from the show makers about a season 2 and it’s because the show was labeled as a limited series meaning a second season is unlikely although fans are eagerly awaiting to see the new episodes. Well, let’s find out below.


Somos. Season 2 Release Date


Unfortunately, Netflix still hasn’t renewed Somos. for another series. It’s unlikely for the series to return for the next chapter as it is a limited series.


Although the series was well-received, we doubt that we’ll get to see more of it. Also, the fact that Netflix has neither canceled nor renewed the series indicates that there is a chance or it could simply mean that the series doesn’t need a formal declaration for cancellation as it was conceived as a limited series in the first place. 


However, if the series returns we can expect the new episodes sometime in 2023.


Somos. Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?


Plot details are not known since no update has been provided by any of the cast or crew. 


The six-episode debut season was gut-wrenching from the first to the last episode with the merciless massacre that took place in the small town.


Before the release of Somos., a blog post was published on May 25, 2021, series director and co-writer James Schamus stated that he felt he needed to reveal the existence of all kinds of people in the town greatly impacted by the disaster. 


“I immediately took it as a challenge to, reframe real people’s lived experiences in a distinct work — a fictional narrative that would break away from the usual genres that so compellingly mediate our understanding of how violence structures so much of our ‘day-to-day living,’ regardless of how close or distant that violence is from us.”


If season 2 happens, the story would go further while keeping the same concept and emotion. 


The Cast


  • Jero Medina in the role of Benjamín

  • Arelí González in the role of Érika

  • Iliana Donatlán in the role of Irene

  • Everardo Arzate in the role of Chema

  • Caraly Sánchez in the role of Flor María

  • Mercedes Hernández in the role of Doña Chayo

  • Fernando Larrañaga in the role of Isidro Linares

  • Jesús Sida in the role of Paquito


How Many Episodes in the Somos. Series? 


Somos. has six seasons in total which were all release on June 30, 2021.


  • Episode 1: “The Lazy Herd”    Álvaro 

  • Episode 2: “A Mouth Full of Flies”   

  • Episode 3: “Tell the Moon to Come”

  • Episode 4: “A Walk with Wolves”   

  • Episode 5: “The Night Belongs to Us”

  • Episode 6:    “Somos.”


Where to watch Somos.?


You can watch all six episodes of Somos. on Netflix.

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