So Not Worth It Season 2: Plot, Release Date & Cast

Popular South Korean television series, ‘So Not Worth It’ is set to make a comeback with season 2. Season 1 of the series garnered much acclaim from the viewers. The koran sitcom is created by Kwon Ik-Joon, Kim Jung Sik, Seo Eun jun, and Baik Ji Hyun. The Netflix origin gained much attention for its plot that displayed the socio-cultural landscape of modern-day South Korea. Here is everything about the new release.

Will There Be a Season 2 of So Not Worth It?

As of November 2022, the Korean comedy-drama series has not been renewed yet for a second season. If you look at it, it’s already over a year since the 12-episode series made its way back into the small screens, and sadly, there has been no concrete information or announcement from the producers which leaves fans anxious and highly doubtful regarding the prospect of the drama returning with another season. 

When “So Not Worth It” was launched on Netflix viewers went gaga over this comedy series. Hence, it received generally favorable responses from the audience and critics alike. It didn’t take much time for fans to demand season two but will we get another season of “So Not Worth It”? The answer to this is not known and since like we said no information is given out so far. However, considering the success of the show and how fans from around the world are anxiously awaiting a potentially new season, it is almost certain that positive news is to be expected.

So Not Worth It Season 2:  Release date

Season 1 of ‘So Not Worth It’ was released on June 18, 2021. The first season featured 12 episodes with a run time of 30-34 minutes. However, no official announcement has been made regarding the release date of season 2. Season one of the series was announced in September 2020 and was released in June 2021.

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This indicates that the production of the series requires nine months to complete the filming and post-production.  Netflix waites 2-3 months before releasing the installments of a show. This means that the second installment of the series would take a while and is likely to be released sometime in 2023.

So Not Worth It Season 2: Cast

So not worth it; season one features Park se wan, Shin Hyun Seung, Choi Young Jae, and Han Hyun Min in the titular role. Park se wan played the role of se wan; shin Hyun Seung played the role of Jamie, Choi young sae as sam, Minnie as Minnie, Han Hyun min as  Hyun min, Carson Allen as Carson, Joakim Sorensen as Hans, and Terris brown as Terris.

The other cast includes Jung Yi rang as a dorm cleaning lady, Kim Ji in as Joo RI, Kim Kang min as Kang Joan young, lee Jae Joon as II seop, Kim Jae Hwa as she wan’s mother’s debtor, Prae as Prae, Miki as Miki.  If the show returns for a second installment, the original cast is expected to reprise their roles.

So Not Worth It Season 2: Plot

The series shows a group of students from different multicultural backgrounds who happen to reside in a college dormitory in Seoul. The first season showed the ups and downs of college life faced by the students. The seasons show Hyun Min’s struggle for finding college accommodation, romance blooming between Jamie and Se Wan and Sam and Minnie.

so not worth it release date

The second two is expected to deliver more shenanigans to this group of college friends. The new season would focus on the group exploring their interpersonal equations. The story of intertwined relations between the young individuals residing in an international dormitory intrigued the audience. The second season is expected to raise the bars of K-dramas.


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