Sniper Elite 5: Release Date, Trailer, and Other Updates

Sniper Elite is a third-person stealth tactical shooter video game that was first launched on October 18, 2005. The video game is developed by Rebellion Developments. The Sniper Elite series has so managed to earn favourable responses from across the globe and has sold over 20 million on the video game series.

The game takes place during the events of World War 2, the gamer character uses proper weapons suitable for the period. The most important weapon is the sniper rifle in the game, though more side weapons can be added based on circumstance. Additionally, the gamer is allowed to deploy booby traps like dynamite and land mines other than hand grenades. The gamer can also aim and shoot down the foe’s grenades to cause an outburst. 

The Sniper Elite franchise has gained major recognition and has been a huge success over the years which also highly benefits its developer Rebellion. The franchise took some years off developing new games but now the studio is scheduled to come back to the franchise with the much anticipated fifth edition of Sniper Elite.

It’s nearly five years since Sniper Elite 4 came out in 2017 and devotees of the franchise have ever since been wondering regarding any update or arrival of the fifth instalment of the game and however, the good is Super Elite 5 is on the way and it’s almost about time till we finally get our hands on it.

In 2021 at The Game Awards, the developers shared a short tease hinting and assuring the fans that the fifth game is indeed coming soon. To know more in detail, we’ve compiled everything that is to know about Sniper Elite 5 down below. 

Sniper Elite 5 release date: When will it premiere?

The release date of Sniper Elite 5 is much talked about by people on the internet and also the gamers community in general but till now the official launch date is not yet announced by the developers. It is assumed that the fifth game will arrive sometime in 2022 but other than nothing has been revealed so far. We’ll be sure to update this section if we get any update but, likely, it’ll be out by mid or late 2022 at the earliest.

Sniper Elite 5 is launching on May 26, 2022. This section was last updated on April 2022.

Sniper Elite 5 platforms: Which platforms will it be available? 

It is expected that Sniper Elite 5 will be available to play on all primary consoles when the game arrives. This means players can get to play on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch which is the PlayStation 4 and  it will be available on Xbox One range as well. It is also rumoured that Sniper Elite 5 will be released on PC.

Sniper Elite 5 pre-order

Although a specific launch date is not out yet, you can still go ahead and pre-order Sniper Elite 5 at your convenient time, with the GAME already having the listed title. Also, do remember that if you decide to pre-order now, you buy it at the cheapest rate that it comes out to between now and the official launch date, so it is wise to get yours ordered now.

Keep in mind that the GAME already has a set title for the end year, it’s more or less like a definitive placeholder date it utilizes when the exact launch date is available yet but if you are pre-order you’ll get it way faster than that. 

Sniper Elite 5 gameplay and story

When it comes to Sniper Elite 5 gameplay and story or the game in general, nothing has been revealed yet as it is being kept very much under wraps by the developers. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to more updates in the coming days.  

It appears that game developer, Rebellion Developments is taking the shooting game to France for the upcoming instalment. Karl Fairburne will go through his path there at a critical time of  1994 World War II, to put an end to Operation Kraken— a way to finish D Day. 

In the game, the players will have plenty of options at the removal with multiple information and taking out points dotted about to grab the benefit of. New weapons and customisation of ammo are included, with an upgraded edition of Kill-cam and it’s also reported that the game will be heavily focused on co-op. 

Is the trailer out for Sniper Elite 5?


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