Sneakerheads Season 2: Release date, Cast and more news

We’ve just passed the one-year anniversary of Sneakerheads season 1 debuting on Netflix. But will the show be renewed for another season? Reviews were fairly good from audiences (it carries a 6.2 on IMDb and a 71% RottenTomatoes audience score). Here’s everything you need to know about the second edition of Sneakerheads!

Sneakerheads season 2: Will it be renewed or cancelled?

As of now, Netflix is yet to renew Sneakerheads for a season 2. The viewership and ratings of the show were good. And so, we’re pretty sure the show will get the green light. We will keep you guys updated as soon as we receive more information. Stay connected with us!

Sneakerheads season 2 cast?

Nothing is confirmed yet. However, the leading cast members will likely reprise their roles should the show get renewed for season 2. Major cast members include Black-ish and The Last OG star Allen Maldonado as Devin, internet celebrity Andrew Bachelor as Bobby.

Other actors and actresses we are expecting to return are Jearnest Corchado, Matthew Josten, Yaani King, Justin Lee, and Aja Evans, among others. If Netflix releases an official star cast list, we will publish it in our upcoming articles. Stay tuned!

  • Allen Maldonado as Devin
  • Andrew Bachelor as Bobby
  • Jearnest Corchado as Nori
  • Matthew Josten as Stuey
  • Yaani King as Christine
  • Justin Lee as Cole
  • Aja Evans as Gia

Sneakerheads season 2 plot details?

Sneakerheads season one introduced us to Devin. He is a former sneakerhead turned stay-at-home dad who falls back into his sneaker obsession after meeting his friend Bobby.

Desperate to earn the bucks, Devin agrees to join Bobby and the rest of the shoe aficionados in a global hunt for the elusive “Zeroes,”. It is said to be the holy grail of sneakers that could change their lives if they get their hands on it.

Towards the end of season 1, we saw Devin returning to his wife and confessing all the mischiefs he committed while pursuing the ultimate sneaker. And while his lovely wife forgave him, something tells us that Devin will be up to more adventures soon. And so, expect more epic sneaker-collecting adventures in season 2!

When will Sneakerheads season 2 release?

As aforesaid, Netflix is yet to renew the show. So, there’s no release date for now. However, in case we receive more updates, we will publish ‘em in our upcoming articles. Make sure you have us bookmarked!

How many episodes will there be in Sneakerheads season 2?

Season 1 released on September 25, 2020. It consisted of a total of 6 episodes with 20 minutes screen time. Thus, if the makers follow a similar pattern, season 2 will likely comprise 6 episodes as well. 

Sneakerheads age rating? 

Sneakerheads are classified TV-MA. This means it is intended for adults and may be inappropriate for children under the age of 17. This show may include crude inappropriate language, explicit sexual activities, or violence, among other things.

Sneakerheads season 2 official trailer: Is a teaser or trailer out yet?

Nope. As of right now, the trailer for season 2 isn’t available. Sneakerheads is yet to be renewed for season 2. So, there’s no official trailer yet as of this writing. However, if you haven’t watched the season 1 episodes yet, we are dropping its trailer below. Take a sneak peek at Devin and Bobby’s adventurous sneaker world.

Where can I watch Sneakerheads season 2?

Sneakerheads is still available on Netflix. All the episodes are available to stream and watch on Netflix.

Will there be a season 3 of Sneakerheads?

We do not have any updates so far. Season 2 is yet to be renewed. That said, it’s too early to predict anything about Sneakerheads season 3. 

That’s all we know about Sneakerheads season 2.

We examined social media for clues about the future and contacted a few insiders, but we came up empty-handed. The program might now be termed ghost-canceled or it could mysteriously resurface. Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!

Stay tuned for new updates about Sneakerheads Season 2!

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