Sketchbook Season 2: Release date, Cast and Plot

Sketchbook is an English abbreviation of Japanese manga series named スケッチブック. The series is written and illustrated by Totan Kobako. It is an adaptation of an anime series under the title Sketchbook ~full colour’s ~, aired in Japan between October 2 and December 25, 2007. 

Sketchbook Season 2 Release Date?

The first edition of the series premiered on October 2, 2007, with a total of 13 episodes each of around 25-40 minutes long. However, there is no official announcement regarding the release date of The Sketchbook Season 2. Thus, without official confirmation, we cannot provide a release date. 

Sketchbook Season 2 Cast

As of now, Tokyo TV has not yet revealed any confirmation regarding its starting voice artists for the upcoming season. Both the previous seasons were stacked with incredible voice-over artists. Similarly, keeping an eye on earlier seasons, we can expect some cast to reappear again if the season happens. 

Here is the list of voice-over artists to be seen in the coming season. 

  • Sora Kajiwara (梶原 空, Kajiwara Sora) voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
  • Natsumi Asō (麻生 夏海, Asō Natsumi) voiced by: Asuka Nakase
  • Hazuki Torikai (鳥飼 葉月, Torikai Hazuki) voiced by: Yui Makino
  • Kate (ケイト, Keito) voiced by: Yūko Gotō
  • Kokage Kuga (空閑 木陰, Kuga Kokage) voiced by: Momoko Saitō
  • Daichi Negishi (根岸 大地, Negishi Daichi) voiced by: Hiro Shimono
  • Juju Sasaki (佐々木 樹々, Sasaki Juju) voiced by: Tomoe Ōmi
  • Ryō Tanabe (田辺 涼, Tanabe Ryō) voiced by: Masumi Asano
  • Fū Himuro (氷室 風, Himuro Fū) voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani
  • Nagisa Kurihara (栗原 渚, Kurihara Nagisa) voiced by: Yukari Tamura
  • Asaka Kamiya (神谷 朝霞, Kamiya Asaka) voiced by: Ami Koshimizu
  • Asaka Kamiya (神谷 朝霞, Kamiya Asaka) voiced by: Ami Koshimizu
  • Tsukiyo Ōba (大庭 月夜, Ōba Tsukiyo) voiced by: Mamiko Noto
  • Ujō Sugyō (須尭 雨情, Sugyō Ujō) voiced by: Hideki Tasaka

Sketchbook Season 2 Plot

The story revolves around a group of high school students, mostly female, in the art club at their high school. The main character is a young, shy and quiet girl named Sora Kajiwara who goes through life at her own pace. 

Sketchbook begins with Sora Kajiwara joining the art club of her unnamed Fukuoka high school, and goes on to chronicle her subsequent experiences and those of her fellow club members. 

Sketchbook Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no trailer released for The promised Neverland season 3. For now, you can watch Sketchbook Season 1 trailers. As soon as the series is out, we’ll keep you updated. Till then, stay connected with us! 

Sketchbook Season 2 Ratings

On IMDb, the series holds a rating of 8.4 out of 10, which is a lot for any franchise. The anime’s first season was ranked one of the best anime series of the decade. It received a lot of compliments from critics and secured an 8.6 out of 10 rating on MyAnimeList

Where To Watch Sketchbook Season 2?

Sketchbook was originally released on TV Tokyo. Additionally, as soon as the series gets out, it will start streaming on TV Tokyo

Sketchbook Season 2 List of Episodes

# Title Original air date
01 “The Girl With The Sketchbook”

“Suketchibukku no Shōjo” (スケッチブックの少女)

October 2, 2007
02 “Everyday Scenery”

“Itsumo no Fūkei” (いつもの風景)

October 9, 2007
03 “Ao’s Worry”

“Ao no Shinpai” (青の心配)

October 16, 2007
04 “Sketch Competition Between Three People”

“Sannin Dake no Suketchi Taikai” (三人だけのスケッチ大会)

October 23, 2007
05 “Kitty Cat Day”

“Neko Neko no Hi” (ねこねこの日)

October 30, 2007
06 “Summer Memories”

“Natsu no Omoide” (夏の想ひ出)

November 6, 2007
07 “One September Day…”

“Kugatsu no Hi ni…” (9月の日に…)

November 13, 2007
08 “A Radio-cassette and Young Girl Double Feature”

“Rajikase to Shōjo no Nihondate” (ラジカセと少女の二本立て)

November 20, 2007
09 “For the Sake of Something”

“Nanika no Tame ni” (ナニかの為に)

November 27, 2007
10 “Prior Meeting”

“Deai no Saki” (出会いの先)

December 4, 2007
11 “A Day With a Cold, and Kitty Cat Part 3”

“Kaze no Hi to Nekoneko part3” (風邪の日と、ねこねこpart3)

December 11, 2007
12 “Sketchbook Day”

“Suketchibukku no Hi” (スケッチブックの日)

December 18, 2007
13 “Lonely Art Club”

“Hitoribocchi no Bijutsubu” (ひとりぼっちの美術部)

December 25, 2007


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