Sk8 The Infinity Season 2: All you need to know

If you are an anime freak and specifically goes gaga over the Sports genre anime then we’re positive that you’ve binge-watched Sk8 The Infinity which was released in 2021.


Sk8 The Infinity purely concentrates on skateboarding and its abilities. It’s so well crafted that the emotions portrayed by each character gives a very realistic feeling and you can’t help but adore this anime.


Drama, action, a slice of life are all well balanced and of course, there’s a bit of Yaoi which makes it even more interesting.


Now you can understand why this anime gained so much popularity internationally. However, every good thing must come to an end and likewise, the first season ended in April 2021.


And ever since the first season ended, fans have been wondering if there will be another season of Sk8 The Infinity. 


Will Sk8 The Infinity return with a second season? Is it going to happen at all? Here’s what we know about it.


What We Know So Far About Sk8 The Infinity


Sk8 The Infinity premiered on January 10, 2021, and ended on April 4, 2021. The series comprises 12 episodes. 


Directed by Hiroko Utsumi and penned by Ichiro Okouchi, Sk8 The Infinity is a Japanese original anime series distributed and animated by studio Bones


Sk8 the infinity follows around a twenty-five-year-old Reki whose love for skateboarding is immeasurable. 


Reki likes to show off his skills. He loves and has fun the most when he is on the skateboard. He is also a member of the “S” community that competes against each other in the name of the race. 


Is Season 2 of Sk8 The Infinity Confirmed?


Fans can finally rejoice because studio Bones and Border Animation studio has confirmed that a new project is in the works. They haven’t revealed the project yet but there’s a high possibility the project they’re working on is the second season of Sk8 The Infinity. 


According to reports, the series’ debut season encountered a few production problems but the anime series proved to be a huge hit across the globe. Now talking about season 2, fans expectations are high and in the upcoming season, the racing competition will likely be fierce although for now, it’s better to wait for an official announcement about the second season.


When Is The Release Date of Sk8 The Infinity Season 2?


Let’s just say the new project they confirmed is about the second season and if that’s the case the next season is currently in production. It usually takes about a year to finish filming an anime but that depends on the number of episodes. Until then fans need to wait patiently. 


We can expect to see the new episodes by the end of 2023 that is if there are no delays in the production process. 


What Do You Think Will Happen In The Next Season Of Sk8 The Infinity? 


In the final moments of the first season, Langa is the reigning champion after overthrowing Adams in the racing tournament. Langa celebrated his victory among his friends. We also witnessed how Tadashi confided to Adams that he didn’t betray him, but now he has to act like his dog. 


In the second season of Sk8 The Infinity, we can expect to see Langa departing for Tokyo with his playmates to participate in the S Downhill Skating tournament. They will encounter skaters who are much superior to them in terms of skills in Tokyo. The tournament will be fierce and our boys better be ready for what’s coming. It’s also likely that we’ll get to see Koyomi moving forward with her passion for skateboarding in the next season. And of course, fans can also expect to see an episode or two on snowboarding. With that said, we can not wait to see what the next season has in store for us. 


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