Siren season 4: What to be expected?

The fantasy creation of Dean White and Eric Wald, Siren, is a critically acclaimed American thriller series. It follows the story of Ryne Fisher, a siren who leaves her habitant and comes to the small coastal town of Bristol Cove, searching for her elder sister. The presence of this eerie creature of the sea invites havoc to the Washington town. It is a tale of compassion, adventure, love, empathy, and affection. Its first installment was dropped on Freeform in 2018 and consisted of ten episodes. In January 2019, the series released a sequel followed by a third edition in 2020. The last season witnessed a decline in the series’ viewership number and since then, the drama series is on an infinite hiatus. In August 2020, news about its cancellation made rounds on the internet. However, the fans have had taken this piece of information with disappointment. So, does this mean that Ted Pownall’s malicious intentions would be a secret to the fans? Or the waging war between Tia and Rye comes to an end? Well, we might have a few answers. Stick with us till the end to know more about Siren Season 4. 

What is the Release date of Siren Season 4?

Neither the showrunners nor the production team has given any hints to the airing of Siren season 4 so far. Although there is speculation that the fourth season is going to be out by the last quarter of 2022. With that said, we are anticipating that the work on it will begin likely by this year’s end. 

Season three included ten episodes, so it is a safe bet to say that the fourth season will stretch to at least ten episodes if renewed or the show creators may follow a 16-episode season as its follow-up. 

Well unfortunately, as of May 2022 the series stands canceled after the third season so chances are slim for season 4 to happen.

What is the plot of Siren Season 4?

Season three of Siren unfolded unexpected twists, turns, and thrill, making it an engrossing watch for the viewers. Besides the appealing visuals and mystery that followed, Siren has much more to offer to its audience. Season third explored an intense aspect of Rye’s personality where she is on a mission to protect her daughter, Hope. Moreover, the Siren is fighting a deadly war to save the existence of mankind. She has joined forces with Ben Pownall, to hinder Tia from accomplishing her evil plans. At last, Hope is rescued but another story has taken the front stage. Ben’s father, Ted Pownall has discovered his son’s powers and he is following the footstep of his ancestors, which will prove a threat to merpeople. 

Considering the past developments, it is tricky to predict the storyl\ine of Siren Season four. But the fourth installment will be the closure that every fan of the series deserves. Hopefully, there is another thriller drama tale that awaits to be heard and seen. 

Who to expect in the cast of Siren Season 4? 


Because a fourth season is canceled, the cast  will not be returning in the next season. However, if season four of Siren were to happen, the characters who are expected to return are mentioned below-


  • Alex Roe in the role of Ben Pownall

  • Eline Powell in the character of Ryn Fisher

  • Fola Evans-Akingbola in the role of Maddie Bishop

  • Ian Verdun in the role of Xander McClure

  • Sibongile Mlambo in the position of Donna

  • Rena Owen in the character of Helen Hawkins

  • Tiffany Lonsdale in the role of Tia

  • Chad Rook in the role of Chris Mueller

  • Curtis Lum in the character of Calvin Lee

  • Ron Yuan in the role of Aldon Decker

  • Gil Birmingham in the role of Dale Bishop

  • David A. Kaye in the character of Jerry

  • Garcelle Beauvais in the role of Susan Bishop 

  • David Cubitt in the character of Ted Pownall

  • Sarah-Jane Redmond in the role of Elaine Pownall

  • Tammy Gillis as Marissa Staub,

  • Hannah Levien as Janine

  • Andrew Jenkins as Doug Pownall

  • Anthony Harrison as Admiral Harrison

  • Jill Teed as Patti McClure

  • Sedale Threatt Jr. as Levi

  • Aylya Marzolf as Katrina


The third season was the final outing of the series and therefore a season won’t take in the future but Siren Season one to three is currently available on the Freeform TV network



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