Sins of Our Mother Season 2: When will it Release and what to expect?

Excited for the next season of the upcoming jaw-dropping Netflix docu-series?


Starting off as a mother of three children, Sins of Our Mother depicts the story of a mom and her descent into radical religious extremism. This renders her a suspect in the case of her children’s disappearance! Has she really got anything to do with her child’s disappearance? Did she turn into a “ticking time bomb”? The second season of Sins of Our Mother will reveal everything about Lori Valllow Daybell aka “Doomsday Mom”. Here 

What is Sins of our Mother about?

SINS OF OUR MOTHER is a limited documentary series about how a Mornin woman goes from a loving mother to the alleged disappearance and murder of her own children. 

Are we getting season 2 of Sins of our Mother?

“Sins of Our Mother” (2022) is a crime docu series on Netflix. It is based on a true story about a loving mom named Lori Vallow and her family (her mother Janis, her son Colby, Colby’s wife, Lori’s ex-sister-in-law and others). 

As far as the renewal of the series Sins of Our Mother is concerned, there haven’t been any updates as of yet. 

What happened in the previous season?

In the previous season, we saw how peaceful Lori Vallow’s life was and how good of a mom and wife she was. Her former marriage with Charles was an “ideal” but what happens when someone’s individual racial beliefs take centre stage? The relationship suffers consequences! 


Lori meeting with Chad Daybell turned things around for her and her family. His extreme beliefs pushed Lori to believe that she too could differentiate between “evil” and “good spirits”. 


Charles revealed that Lori called “her own daughter a dark spirit” and often referred to their kids as zombies too. The case escalated quickly. As per the reports of the day, Daybell’s former wife was also found dead but Lori and Chad embarked on a “blissful” getaway wedding in Hawaii, all while her two children were missing. 

Who appears in Sins of our Mother: Official Star Cast?

Who appears in Sins of Our Mother? The docuseries features interviews with Vallow’s son, Colby Ryan; her mother, Janis Cox; former sister-in-law, Annie Cushing; former friend, April Raymond; reporter Justin Lum; and Colby’s wife, Kelsee Ryan. All of these characters will return in the second season. 

Sins of our Mother season 2 trailer details?

Watch Lori Vallow horrific story unfold on the three-part docuseries Sins of Our Mother only on Netflix on September 14, 2022. As of yet, the trailer isn’t available. You may watch the previous season’s trailer down below. 


How many episodes can we expect in season 2 of Sins of our Mother?

The previous season of Sins of Our Mother had a total of 3 episodes. Thus, if the series gets a renewal and the makers decide to follow a similar pattern, the second season may also comprise 3 episodes. 

Where can I watch Sins of our Mother?

You may watch the docu-series Sins of our Mother on Netflix. All the episodes are available to watch and stream on the same platform. 

Will there be a season 3 of Sins of our Mother?

As of yet, the second season is yet to premiere. Hence, there are no updates about the Sins of our Mother season 3!

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