Simon Adkins might join the cast of upcoming thriller series “Apartment 7A”

Are you guys ready to know everything about the upcoming American psychological thriller film directed by Natalie Erika James better read the entire article. You might also be excited that Simon Adkins might join the cast of the thriller series “Apartment 7A”?


 In this post, we will unveil everything you need to know about Apartment 7A, encompassing the cast members, plot, and other updates. 

All About “Apartment 7A”?

Apartment 7A is an upcoming American psychological thriller film that is going to premiere anytime in 2023 or late 2022. Based on the original story and previous draft written by Skylar James, the story of the series will be directed by Natalie Erika James. The storyline of the series follows the journey of a woman, who out of the blue dies outside the apartment when Rosemary Woodhouse first moved in.

It stars Julia Garner, Dianne Wiest and Marli Siu as the lead cast of the series. The series is produced by John Krasinski, Allyson Seeger, Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller. 

The production companies behind the series Apartment 7A are Paramount Players, Sunday Night Productions, and Platinum Dunes.  

Is Simon Adkins might join the cast of upcoming thriller series “Apartment 7A”?

As of now, no announcement regarding the addition of Simon Adkins has been made whether he’s joining the cast members list or not. The Apartment 7A are Paramount Players, Sunday Night Productions, and Platinum Dunes, the production companies didn’t announce anything as well. 

Other Cast of Apartment 7A?

So far, keeping all the leaks and updates in mind, we can anticipate that the cast list of the series will have Julia Garner, Dianne Wiest, and Marli Siu. As per the leakes, we might expect the arrival of some new characters as well in the upcoming season. 

Given, below are the list of cast from the announcement so might make a comeback in the upcoming season:-

  • Julia Garner

  • Dianne Wiest

  • Marli Siu

  • Andy Griffith will play as Artie Sawyer

  • Ida Lupino will play as Iris Sawyer

  • Michael Brandon will play as Billy

  • James A. Watson Jr. will play as Riff

  • Tim McIntire will play as Virgil

  • Susanne Benton will play as Claudine (as Susanne Hildur)

  • Connie Sawyer will play as Mrs. Layton

  • Victoria Carroll will play as Miss Simpson

  • Joseph Mell will play as Danny

  • Squire Fridell will play as Pete

  • Virginia Vincent will play as Woman in bar

  • Marc Hannibal will play as Police Officer


Apartment 7A: Where To Watch?

As we know, the series is from Paramount Pictures, so it will start to premiere on paramount plus. Other than these, the show wasn’t available on any other streaming platform.

Apartment 7A Trailer?

As of now, there’s been no official confirmation about the release of the trailer has been announced by the makers. That being said, the trailer isn’t released now. And it won’t be out any time soon.


The trailer generally comes out one or two months before the actual release of the show. You can expect the trailer to be released a month before the concrete arrival of the show. Until then, stay tuned more for information and updates!


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