Siesta Key Season 5: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Created by Mark Ford and Warren Skeels, “Siesta Key” is an American reality show that premiered on MTV on July 31, 2017. The show is heavily inspired by reality TV series like “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” which aired in the early 2000s. 


Those who have been eagerly looking forward to the fifth season of Siesta Key can rest assured as the hit MTV reality show is likely to be greenlit for another installment which means viewers would get to see even more drama and a whole lot of new entertainment.


The show revolves around four groups of friends who stay in Siesta Key, Florida. Unfortunately, MTV has yet to issue an update on whether or not the reality show will be renewed for a fifth season. Fans need to wait a little longer to hear an announcement from the showrunners.


Here are the list of episodes for season 4 of Siesta Key:


  • Episode 1: “Let’s Be Healthy and Get Drunk”

  • Episode 2: “It’s a Nasty, Low Vibrational Thing to Say”

  • Episode 3: “Here’s the Thing With the Prenup…”

  • Episode 4: “I Can’t Help if Someone Is Attracted to Me”

  • Episode 5: “Happy to See Me, Right?”

  • Episode 6: “You Don’t Seem Like the Caring Type”

  • Episode 7: “Things Will Never Be the Same”

  • Episode 8: “That Girl Is Lost”

  • Episode 9: “Compassion and Kindness Is the Way to Go”

  • Episode 10: “I’m Truly, Truly, Very, Very Sorry”

  • Episode 11: “We Can All Use a Little Empathy”

  • Episode 12; “I Just Want to Move On/We Just Stay Separate”

  • Episode 13: “Season 4 Reunion”


This series is executively produced by Gary Kompothecras, Mark Ford, Tara Long, Kevin Lopez, Tom Danon, Cecily Deutsh, Warren Skeels, and Elizabeth Jones while it is being produced by Sam Wasserman and Phil LaCroix.


Here’s everything you need to know about the 5th season of Siesta Key.


Siesta Key Season 5 Release Date: When will it premiere?


The first season was released from July 31, 2017, to March 5, 2018. The second season was launched from January 22, 2019, to April 2, 2019. The third season aired from January 7 2020 to August 25, 2020. The fourth season premieres on May 12, 2021, to August 4, 2021.


The show has been dated to release on 10th March 2022 across MTV and few other platforms for the audience.


As per Herald-Tribune, MTV’s Siesta Key fifth season will most likely concentrate on the tension brewing between Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens involving their swimsuit lines rivalry and will also showcase the heated confrontations during the show’s reunion, which led to a huge surprise after the cast members found out that Madison Hausberg was expecting his first baby.


The Cast of Siesta Key Season 5


It’s not known if all the cast members will return in the upcoming fifth season but viewers are expected to see–


  • Juliette Porter

  • Madisson Hausburg

  • Brandon Gomes

  • Kelsey Owens

  • Garrett Miller

  • Amanda Miller 

  • Sam Logan 

  • Camilla Cattaneo 


Recurring cast members also include–


  • Pauly Apostolides a.k.a Pauly Paul 

  • Paige Hausburg 

  • Tarik Jenkins 

  • Carson Wall 

  • Hannah Starr 

  • Canvas Brummel 

  • Cara Geswelli 

  • Jared Kelderman 

  • Robby Hayes 

  • Alyssa Salerno 

  • JJ Mizell 

  • Ish Soto 

  • Joe Jenkins 

  • Lexie Salameh 

  • Makenna Quesenberry 

  • Max Strong 

  • Serena Kerrigan 


Former key role member Alex Kompothecras won’t be returning to the show anymore following his controversy on animal cruelty as he was caught shooting a shark and not only that he was also involved in making racist remarks and a fat-phobic demeanor.


Another past member Chloe Trautman also won’t be returning to the show as she previously stated that reality shows are unhealthy and toxic. It appears that she departed from the series for her mental stability.


The Plot for Season 5 of Siesta Key: What to Expect?


When it comes to the plot nothing is revealed and since Siesta Key is a reality series it is difficult to predict what might take place in the upcoming fifth season except that we can expect some dramas and more shocking revelations. Aside from that, we’ll have to wait to find till new episodes arrive on our screens.

Where can you watch Siesta Key season 5?

“Siesta Key” Season 5 premieres on MTV on Thursday, March 10 starting at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. You can view it online via FuboTV (free trial), Sling and Philo.

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