Shetland Season 7: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need To Know

A good crime drama series is like playing mind games and that’s exactly what ‘Shetland’ showcases and often has us at the edge of our seats. Nevertheless, it’s more enjoyable to watch when it has twists and turns as it makes the storyline unpredictable leaving the viewers clueless to know what’s going to happen next. 


With the finale episode of the sixth season, fans are shaken to the core as it ended on a major cliffhanger and are more than desperate to find out if the series will return with the seventh season. Looking back at how it ended things in the previous season it certainly keeps the door open to continue in the next chapter. Besides, BBC has already commissioned seasons 6 and 7 in December 2019. The sixth season episodes ran from October 20, 2021, to November 24, 2021.


In this post, we have compiled all the details that are to know regarding the seventh season of Shetland so stay with us till the end.


Shetland Season 7 Release Date: When Is It Premiering? 


Currently, the specific release date is not available as BBC is yet to announce the official air date for the seventh season of Shetland. However, it seems like the much anticipated seventh season will arrive sooner than you think. It’s been reported that filming has already commenced and is likely to premiere somewhere in 2022. 


The Cast of Shetland Season 7: Who’s In It?


As for the cast of Season 7 of Shetland, it’s most likely that all the central characters will return once again and reprise their respective roles which includes–


  • Douglas Henshall will play the role of Detective Inspector Jimmy Pérez

  • Alison O’Donnell will portray the character of Detective Sergeant Alison “Tosh” MacIntosh

  • Steven Robertson will reprise his role as Detective Constable Sandy Wilson

  • Mark Bonnar will return as Duncan Hunter 


Additionally, viewers can also expect other returning actors to reprise their roles in the upcoming seventh season of Shetland.


Shetland Season 7 Plot: What Would Be The Storyline?


When it comes to the plot, there aren’t any concrete details about it but we do know that the next installment has so much more to unveil. As witnessed in the last season which had shocking revelations leading to an unexpected turn of events such as the arrest of Jimmy Perez. So what will happen to Jimmy? Who fills his role as the main character? Though we do hope for Jimmy to get out of jail. We have also witnessed that Tuscan was pregnant in the final moments of the previous season. So now where will the story lead from here? We’ll have to wait patiently to find out in the next season.


Where Can I Watch Shetland Season 7?


If the series is renewed, season 7 of Shetland will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer. You can also watch all the episodes of the previous season on BBC iPlayer. 

Stay tuned for information! We’ll update this post as soon as we get any new updates.

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