Shaman King Part 4: What to be Expected?

Shaman King 2021 TV series is heavily inspired by the manga series of the exact title penned and demonstrated by Hiroyuki Takei. During the 2015 Otakon, the previous president of Madhouse and then president of MAPPA, Masao Maruyama, conveyed his longing to work on the Shaman King reboot. In early 2017, while responding to a question asked by a fan, Takei shared on his Twitter handle that he attained an offer for the reboot of Shaman King, but sadly, he rejected the offer as he was notified that the reboot series would not consist of the original cast members and the theme songs. Nevertheless, Takei looked for another option in the future. Henceforth, a new anime was declared in June 2020 and would adapt all the 35 Vols. of the new finished manga edition.

The Shaman King manga series has always been so popular and as of 2021, it has circulated over 38 million copies. Both the anime series and manga have entered the list of top 10 numerous times representing their media respectively. The Shaman King anime series was seen by many TV watchers in Japan. Manga and anime publications and other media have also applauded the Shaman King’s manga and the anime series with favourable reviews.

It was indeed every kid’s favourite series back in the days and the good news is, we got a chance to relive those moments as after nearly two decades, the popular adventure supernatural anime series finally made a comeback in August 2021. Directed by Naoto Hashimoto, Shaman King 2021 anime TV series had us binge-watching every episode with a couple of more episodes to go.

In this post, all the details have been compiled regarding Shaman King 2021 and where to watch it. Without further ado, let’s delve into details. 

Where to Watch Shaman King 2021?

Netflix obtained global streaming ownership of the anime series and published the first season comprising a total of 13 episodes on August 9, 2021, outside of Japan. The popular series stars many of the initial cast members from the first anime which was released in 2001. It consists of both the Japanese voice actors and the English voice actors.

Shaman King is available to watch on Netflix. Fans from across the globe can enjoy watching this remake piece. The only problem is that the streamer has been launching the series in 12 to 13 list of episodes since it made its debut in Japan, and it has finally reached up to 39 episodes. This means that Part 2 of Shaman King 2021 was released in late 2021, followed by Part 3 in January 2022. 

Shaman King part 4 release date: Is it out yet?

Netflix divided the 52 lists of episodes into four parts and have already released a 12 to 13 list of episodes on part 1, 2 & 3 of Shaman King. 

However, the giant streamer has yet to declare the premiere date of the fourth and last part of Shaman King 2021, but if we have to make a guess, the air date will fall somewhere around March or April of 2022.

However, according to some sources, it’s been said that the fourth part of Shaman King will start from episode 39 which aired on January 13, 2022, while episode 40 is scheduled to air on January 20, 2022, and will conclude after it reaches episode 52- this further led to confusion among fans. Simply put, we assume that the third part will wrap after reaching episode 40 while the fourth part will start from episode 41 to 52. Do watch out for future announcements as Netflix is yet to confirm the release date of Shaman King part 4. 

We’ll update this post over time as soon as we hear any news concerning the fourth part of Shaman King 2021. Till then you can relax and have fun watching the previous episodes.


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