Shahs Of Sunset Season 10: Release Date, Cast, and All You Need To Know

Shahs of Sunset has followed the drama-filled lives of its top cast for the last nine seasons. We have seen it all. From behind the scenes involving trivial squabbles to glimpses into divorces and weddings to their exotic trips and parties. The show has everything a posh life in Beverly Hills could hold for its reality show viewers. 


It’s only been six months since the last season, however curious fans want to know when the show is coming with its next installment, season 10.


The good news from Bravo, the parent network of this reality drama, is that it hasn’t revealed anything related to the show’s cancellation. That’s how we know season 10 is on its way. 


When Is The Release Date For Season 10 of Shahs Of Sunset?


We have seen the trend. Based on the previous release dates, we speculate that the new season may find its slot in Summer. 


We want to be clear that Bravo hasn’t officially revealed a release date for Shah of Sunset Season 10. But we know even Season 9 wasn’t promoted until the end. It was just a month before the premiere the show had revealed its teasers, which definitely puts us in the right spirits about season 10, even with the lack of updates. 


Recap from Shah of Sunset Season 9


Having come to the end of Season 9 last year in August, we came face to face with Reza Farhan’s restraining orders. Along with it, we were shown the climactic sex scandal of Mike Shouhed and the ensuing drama between the show’s Persian-American friends and family. 


Golnesa tweeted last year about her excitement for the upcoming seasons. She said, “We have a million more [seasons coming] because I truly love showing you guys little doses of my world.”


We want answers. Will the conflict between Golnesa and Mike begin to wear thin? Will Reza continue living with his restricted access or will he fight back?


The Cast of Shahs of Sunset Season 10


The key cast of Shahs of Sunset features Mike Shouhed, Reza Farahan, Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, and Destiney Rose. Meanwhile the recurring cast members comprises Sammy Younai, Asifa Mirza, Shervin Roohparva, Nema Vand, Asa Soltan Rahmati. So we can expect the 10th season to return with all its original key cast.


What can we Expect from Shah of Sunset Season 10?


Completing 10 seasons is going to be special for Shahs of Sunset, as it is for any other show with years of legacy. 


The top cast may come together to celebrate its 10th installment including Nema Vand, London Laed, and Destiny Rose.


Golnesa’s interview with Hollywood Life has made it clear that the last season had more intensity than any of the previous installments. It was more personal and refreshing and had put fans on the edge of their seats. 


We have no doubt that the new season will bring out the best of its top cast. We speculate to see the continuation from where the story was left off last August.


The cast of the show doesn’t hide anything from their fans. For more glimpses to their melodramatic lives, you could hop on to their official Instagram accounts where they consistently post about their upcoming projects. 


We will keep you updated on any new developments or announcements related to the show. While we do that, you could keep an eye on Bravo through the show’s official Instagram account


It will be interesting to find out what they are up to. 

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