Shadows House Season 3: Release date, Storyline, and updates

Shadows House is a supernatural mystery Japanese manga series penned and illustrated by So-ma-to. It began serialization in September 2018 in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump. It has published eleven tankobon volumes so far. An anime series adaptation by Studio CloverWorks premiered on April 11, 2021, to July 4, 2021. The second installment of this anime series is scheduled to air in July 2022.

With the popularity of the first season, it’s no surprise that a second run was announced and while the audience is more intrigued about what’s coming next at the same time, they cannot help but wonder if the anime series will return with a third season shortly although it’s a little too soon to expect any sort of update concerning the third season because currently, fans are hyped about the second season.

Anyhow, let’s find out below whether or not Shadow House will return with a third series.

Will there be a Season 3 of Shadow House?

Unfortunately, there’s no information concerning the third season of Shadow House but this doesn’t mean that a third season won’t happen. We just need to be patient and wait for official announcements.

After the release of the first season, it took several months for the show makers to finally make the official declaration about season 2. It was confirmed on January 5, 2022, that the second season of Shadow House is happening. It’s due to be released on July 9, 2022.

Needless to say, it’ll probably take a while till we hear any announcements from the creators regarding the third season. In the meantime, you can enjoy watching season 2 as you wait for the third one.

Shadow House Season 3 Release Date: When is it?

The first season of Shadow House consists of 13 episodes which aired from April to July 2021. A second season is slated for a July 9, 2022 release.

As of now, there’s been not a single word from the show makers. The confirmation announcement for season 2 came six months after the launch of the first season. So we predict that an announcement regarding a third season will be made before the end of 2022 or in early 2023. This means that we can expect the new episodes to be out in mid-2023. However, it all depends on the studio to make the final call. Till then let’s exercise patience.

The Voice Cast & Characters of Shadow Season 3

The official cast list is not confirmed for now since a third season is yet to be renewed. However, the voice cast and characters expected to return in the third season of Shadow House are:

Dani Chambers (English dub); Yu Sasahara (Japanese dub) will be voicing Emilico
Emi Lo (English dub); Akari Kito (Japanese dub) will be voicing Kate Mirror
Jordan Dash Cruz (English dub); Kodai Sakai (Japanese dub) will be voicing Shaun/John
Adam McArthur (English dub); Reiji Kawashima (Japanese dub) will be voicing Ricky/Patrick
Marisa Duran (English dub); Ayane Sakura (Japanese dub) will be voicing Lou/Louise
Risa Mei (English dub); Shino Shimoji (Japanese dub) will be voicing Rum/Shirley
Emily Fajardo (English dub); Saori Onishi (Japanese dub) will be voicing Mia/Sarah
Michelle Lee (English dub); Mai Nakahara (Japanese dub) as Rosemary/Maryrose
Elizabeth Maxwell (English dub); Rie Kugimiya (Japanese dub) will be voicing Barbie/Barbara
Christopher Smith (English dub); Wataru Hatano (Japanese dub) will be voicing Edward

Additionally, it’s most likely that new characters will be introduced to the viewers if a third season is commissioned by the studio.

What can we expect from the Storyline of Shadow House Season 3?

When it comes to the plot details of Shadow House season 3, nothing is revealed as the anime series is yet to be confirmed for a third run.

Nevertheless, the second season of this anime series is not even released and at this point, it’s tough to speculate how many total chapters of the manga series will be included and which arc will be covered. So the best thing we can do right now is to simply wait for the second season to release. Only we’ll have some ideas of what will possibly happen in the third season although it is most likely that the storyline will proceed from the season 2 ending.

Where to watch Shadows House?

Season 1 of Shadow House is available to watch on FUNimation.

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