Shadows House Season 2: Release date, Cast, and Plot

Adapted from the Japanese manga series penned and illustrated by So-ma-to, ‘Shadows House’ is a popular anime series that falls under the genre of supernatural, gothic, and mystery. 


The first season was released in April 2021 and ended in July 2021, fans have since then been anxiously awaiting the second season of Shadows House. Well, fans can rest assured as the anime series has been confirmed for season 2. Here’s what we know about the upcoming season.


Shadows House Season 2 Release Date


The official website of the anime series Shadow House’ has declared the official release date of season 2 which is scheduled for July 8, 2022. Along with the official air date, they’ve also published the trailer. Scroll down below to find the trailer.


As per reports from Anime Geek, the first season which consisted of 12 episodes covered up until Vol. 4 Chapter 47 in the original manga series. Currently, ten manga volumes are completed consisting of around 132 chapters that have circulated in Japan.


The Cast of Shadows House Season 2


Find the names of the cast and characters expected to return in the season of Shadows House–


  • Dani Chambers (English); Yu Sasahara (Japanese) in the voice of Emilico

  • Emi Lo (English); Akari Kito (Japanese) will be the voice of Kate Mirror

  • Jordan Dash Cruz (English); Kodai Sakai (Japanese) voices Shaun/John

  • Adam McArthur (English); Reiji Kawashima (Japanese) will voice Ricky/Patrick

  • Marisa Duran (English); Ayane Sakura (Japanese dub) will voice Lou/Louise

  • Risa Mei (English); Shino Shimoji (Japanese) will voice Rum/Shirley

  • Emily Fajardo (English); Saori Onishi (Japanese) voices Mia/Sarah

  • Michelle Lee (English); Mai Nakahara (Japanese) will voice Rosemary/Maryrose

  • Elizabeth Maxwell (English); Rie Kugimiya (Japanese) will voice Barbie/Barbara

  • Christopher Smith (English); Wataru Hatano (Japanese) will be the voice of Edward


Shadows House Season 2 Plot: What to expect?


When it comes to the plot details of season 2 of Shadows House, not much is known as there are no concrete details on what would happen in the next season. However, it is safe to speculate that the upcoming second season will most likely resume from where the first season left off. In the first season, we witnessed that Emilico, Kate, and their playmates had discovered some dark secrets about the personality of the Shadows House and the connection between its people and living dolls. The audience also learned that the living dolls were real children who were abducted from a closer village and hypnotized to become slaves for the shadow people.


In the second season, we expect Kate to proceed on her mission to find out the dark past of the mansion and also save the living dolls who are being held captive by the shadow people, and undo Emilico’s hypnotization. However, it appears that the quest is only going to get more complicated, as Edward has promised to eliminate Kate and her playmates by no means for challenging the power of the shadow house and its people. So yes, we’re excited that season 2 will probably go to be a showdown between the two, and hopefully, we would like an ending where Kate and her friends make it out alive along with all the living dolls.


Shadows House Season 2 Trailer


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