SEAL Team Season 6: Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Created by Benjamin Cavell, Seal Team is an American military drama action fiction TV series produced by CBS studios that premiered on September 27, 2017, on CBS. 


The series revolves around a special unit of the US Navy SEALs featuring David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Jessica Paré, Neil Brown Jr., A. J. Buckley, Toni Trucks, and Judd Lormand. This unit plan is to go on difficult missions worldwide with limited information, and the responsibility rested on them and their loved ones.


The series executive producers are Ed Redlich, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Christopher Chulack, John Glenn, David Boreanaz, Mark Owen, Spencer Hudnut along with series creator Benjamin Cavell. Its producers are Todd Lewis, Kate DiMe to, Chris Leanza, and David Boreanaz.


The second season was launched on October 3, 2018. CBS greenlit the series for a third instalment on May 9, 2019, which was released on October 2, 2019. The fourth was renewed in May 2020 and premiered on December 2, 2020. The fifth season was renewed in May 2021 and it was declared that it would be shifting to Paramount+. The fifth season was aired on October 10, 2021.


To the fans who have been anxiously awaiting a new season, we have great news! The series has been finally greenlit for a sixth season in February 2022. Let’s find out more in detail below.


The Release Date of SEAL Team Season 6: When will it arrive?


Although the series has been renewed for a sixth installment there is not much concrete information concerning the upcoming season. To put it, fans can expect the new season to arrive next year or it could arrive sooner than that depending on the production schedule.


Henceforth, it’s certain to assume that the release date won’t alter significantly given the timeline release of each season. So the earliest we can expect new episodes to release would be by this October. Moreover, the series moved to a new home that is from CBS to Paramount+ and aired It’s the fifth season.


The Cast of SEAL Team Season 6: Who Will Return?


It is without a doubt that the upcoming sixth season will see the return of all the major characters back on the screens which includes–


  • David Boreanaz will reprise his role as Jason Hayes 

  • Max Thieriot will portray Clay Spenser 

  • Jessica Paré will reprise her role as Amanda “Mandy” Ellis 

  • Neil Brown Jr. will play his role as Raymond “Ray” Perry

  • A. J. Buckley will be seen playing as Sonny Quinn 

  • Toni Trucks will portray Lisa Davis

  • Judd Lormand will be seen playing as Eric Blackburn


As of now, the full cast list is not disclosed nor it’s not known if there will be more new characters in the sixth season of SEAL Team. But we will update this post once we get any official announcements.


The Plot of SEAL Team Season 6: What to expect?

In the fifth season, we witness that the final minutes were filled with emotional moments for the members of the team. The last season could have been very much noted as the series finale if it weren’t for the explosives that came down from the sky taking down one of the team members in Mali at the concluding scene. 


Speaking to TVLine with star David Boreanaz, he stated that the fifth season’s last episode wasn’t meant to be the final one at all. “I think it was just there to show what happens and could happen in a war situation,” explained the actor, who also serves as an executive producer and director on the drama, and then suddenly – boom.”


Coming back to the plot for the sixth season, the showrunners have kept it under wraps. Currently what fans would want to know right now is, if the one rained down by explosives in Mali in the previous season would have survived? Will team Bravo be back with all full members intact? David Boreanaz was hesitant in answering this but he did say that it could “really change the structure of the m.” He continued: “But […] It’s a team. One man out, another man in. That’s real life, and that’s what our show is about.“

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