Scream 6: Everything We Know So Far

After watching Scream 5, we’re pretty sure you’d wanna know whether or not season 6 will be released, huh? Don’t fret! We’ve got everything you would wanna know about Scream 6.


The first season of Scream, which was released in 1996, turned out to be a blockbuster movie. Then, the 5th season of this horror movie, after a long wait of 16 years, was recently released around the world in January 2022. As the directors announced Season 5, the audience woke up with a wave of excitement in their hearts. After the death of Scream’s original writer, it seemed as if it was never going to be the next sequel, but after a lot of patience and hard work, finally, season 5 has been released. Still, the question remains the same: Is season 6 on the way?


Scream is a crime thriller horror movie directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillert. In this story, we see how a ghost face masked killer terrorized a group of high school students. In Season 5, we reckoned how the Ghostface killer was seen again in the streets of Woodsboro after 25 years with a different identity. Next up, we see how the children survived the killer. 


The movie has lived up to the expectations of both critics and fans – and Scream 5 reaped a lot of appreciation from all sides. Scream is said to be one of the best crime thriller series made in history, which has more than 7 ratings on IMDB. 

Scream 6: Release date

Scream 5, which was recently released around the world in Jan 2022, got a lot of positive remarks from critics. Now, let’s talk about the release date of Scream 6.


In a recent interview with the movie’s CO directors Tyler, with his team, Tyler revealed that they have a lot of leads to help the story grow. This gives us a clarity of thought that the sixth installment is going to be epic!


Scream 6 is set to hit theaters on March 31, 2023 which is still a long wait for the fans.

Scream 6: Cast

As we witnessed in Season 5, many faces returned from Season 4, such as David Arquette as Dewey, Neve Campbell as Sidney and Courtney Cox performing Gale’s role in the story. We saw myriad new faces joining the show; similarly, by looking at the finale of season 5, we can guess what potential faces can be seen in the sixth instalment of the series.


  • We would certainly expect to see Neve Campbell in Sidney’s role
  • Melissa Barrera playing Sam’s character
  • Tara would be performed by Jenna Ortega
  • Mason Goodling will play the role of Chad
  • Jasmin Savoy Brown would be seen as Mindy
  • And Courtney Cox as Gale


Along with this, we might also get to see some new faces in Scream 6. However, we will not see other characters, such as Mikey Madison as Amber, David Arquette as Dewey, Jack Quaid as Richie, Dylan Minnette as Wes and Sonia Ben as Liv from the 5th season in season 6 – since they all passed away.

Scream 6: Plot

As far as the storyline of season 6 is concerned, it entirely depends on the writer of the show, how he would like to persuade the story. Until an official announcement comes from the production team of the series, nothing can be anticipated about the plot of the story. However, season 6 can pick up from where Season 5 ended; writers can also adopt some new storylines with new faces. 


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