‘Scissor Seven’ Season 4 Has Been Renewed! Release Date and Updates

Created by He Xiaofeng, ‘Scissor Seven’ or ‘Killer 7’ is a Chinese streaming TV animated series. It was broadcasted on Netflix under the title ‘Scissor Seven.’


The series follows Seven, a hairdresser suffering from Amnesia who wishes to become an assassin. Seven is the main character of the show. His lack of skills sometimes leads to unpredictable situations which the audience finds quite amusing.


With three seasons already produced, fans are waiting for the anime series to return with the next instalment. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?


Netflix is yet to renew the series for a fourth season. Given the popularity of the animated series, we’re optimistic that the show will return with a new season but one needs to exercise patience.


Nevertheless, as per the latest reports, it seems that a movie is in the making which is scheduled to release sooner than the fourth season. As a result, it might take a while for the fourth season to come out which will probably be dropped sometime in 2023 or in 2024.


The Cast of ‘Scissor Seven’ Season 4: Who’s In It?


It’s expected that all the central characters will return in the possible fourth season of Scissor Seven including–


  • Funny man Ronny Chieng portrays the protagonist Seven in the English version of the animated series.

  • Jas Patrick will return as Dai Bo

  • Jill Bartlett voices the character Xiao Fei.


In addition to that, it’s also likely that some of the supporting characters will return in the upcoming season as well including–


  • Jennie Kwan voices the role of Thirteen

  • Karen Huie will likely return as the voice of Chairman Jiang

  • Lawrence Saint-Victor will be voicing for Mad Bark


What To Expect In The Plot Of ‘Scissor Seven’ Season 4?


Plot details are not known nor did the showrunners have revealed anything on it and since the anime series ‘Scissor Seven’ is not an adaptation of a manga series unlike Japanese anime, it’s difficult to foresee what events would take place in the upcoming season and moreover, a movie is scheduled to come out soon. 


As per speculations, it appears that the forthcoming movie will be a prequel. So it’s most likely that the storyline for the fourth season will continue from where the third season left off. But in case the movie is not a prequel as speculated, then the entire storyline will be affected for the fourth season.


The previous season wrapped on a cliffhanger. We witnessed that Seven is gradually losing some parts of his memories after sustaining an attack from the black ice poison.


Seven and Thirteen’s biggest threats Manjusaka and Shimen are still lurking around and in the next season we hope to see some action and some more entertainment.


Where To Watch ‘Scissor Seven’ Series? 


The previous three seasons are available for streaming on Netflix. If the fourth season is renewed, the new episodes may be dropped on the streaming giant.

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