Schitt’s Creek Season 7: To be Renewed or Cancelled?

Situation comedies, also known as sitcoms, are one of the most popular genres today. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is a show based mostly on sitcoms and satire. It is a Canadian show having more than 8.5 IMDb rating and 93% of Rotten Tomatoes rating. The English drama is currently available on Netflix.

Created by Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, it was launched on January 13, 2015; the show currently has 6 seasons along with a special. The major star cast of the show include Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Roberston, Tim Rozon, Chris Elliot, Dustin Miligan, Noah Reid and so on. The performances of all of these actors and actresses along with the supportive actors, have been excellent throughout the show. The first four seasons of the show had 13 episodes while the rest of the seasons had 14. The special by the show makers was launched on April 7, 2020.

Season 1 of the show was successfully able to gather huge attention and audiences across the world. Launched in 2015, each episode of the show was awaited and loved. The titles of the episodes are ‘Our Cup Runneth Over’, ‘The Drip’, ‘Don’t Worry, It’s his Sister’, ‘Bad Parents’, ‘The Cabin’, ‘Wine and Roses’, ‘Turkey Shoot’, ‘Allez-Vous’, ‘Carl’s Funeral’, ‘Honeymoon’ and ‘Little Sister’.

Season 2 was launched in the next consecutive year and was successfully able to keep the audiences hooked too. Similarly, the launch of season 3, 4, 5 and 6 was witnessed back to back due to the great popularity and demand of the show across the world. The show received praise and appreciation from even the industry members and the critics. Soon, it became the talk of the town. But the sudden special in 2020 which was also said to be a farewell made the fans upset. This created a huge buzz for another season which is yet to be confirmed. Let us know the other details below.

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 renewed or cancelled? What’s the status?

With the special episode in 2020, it seemed obvious that the show has come to an end. But several articles on the internet state that the huge buzz among the fans and the followers of the show has led to the thinking of another sequel or season of the show among the makers. While none of the information is confirmed or official, there is definitely a possibility of the launch in the coming time.

A major article on the internet also states that the makers are currently in the decisive mode. If any good idea or concept comes within any of the makers or the team of the show then it will definitely take place. As of now, nothing can be said to be 100% official.  

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Release date: When is it?

With no script or making of the show currently in process, no information regarding the release date has been found yet. Expected release by the viewers was in 2021 while some fans expected it to be 2022 due to the delay of several shows with the arrival of the pandemic.

The Cast of Schitt’s Creek Season 7

The official cast lineup for the seventh season of Schitt’s Creek is not confirmed but here are the names who are expected to return.

  • Eugene Levy (as Johnny Rose)
  • Catherine O’Hara (as Moira Rose)
  • Dan Levy (as David Rose)
  • John Bourgios (as Don Taylor)
  • Karen Robinson (as Veronica – Ronnie – Lee)
  • Dustin Milligan (as Theodore – Ted – Mullens)
  • Emily Hampshire (as Stevie Budd)
  • Ted Whittall (as Clint Brewer)
  • Ennis Esmer (as Emir Kaplan)
  • Sherry Miller (as Bev Taylor)
  • Meaghan Rath (as Klair)
  • Robin Duke (as Wendy Kurtz)
  • Lili Connor (as Grace)
  • Deborah Tennant (as Marcy Brewer)
  • Victor Garber (as Clifton Sparks)
  • Saul Rubinek (as Tippy Bernstein)
  • Henry Czerny (as Artie)
  • Paul Shaffer (as Paul Shaffer)
  • Chris Elliott (as Roland Schitt)
  • Sarah Levy (as Twyla Sands)
  • Annie Murphy (as Alexis Rose)
  • Jennifer Robertson (as Jocelyn Schitt)
  • Tim Rozon (as Mutt Schitt)
  • Noah Reid (as Patrick Brewer)
  • Rizwan Manji (as Ray Butani)
  • Marilyn Bellfontaine (as Gwen Currie)
  • John Hemphill (as Robert – Bob – Currie)
  • Steve Lund (as Jake)

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Plot: Expectations

As far as the plot of the show is concerned, if the making starts anytime soon then there are high chances that a lot of characters and their traits as well as events would be brought back due to the love of the fans for them.

Until the final decision, it is tough to state any other information regarding the show right now. Fans are requested to wait for further news.

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