Ryan Guzman, Shay Rudolph join the Cast of New Comedy ‘The Present’

Ryan Guzman and Shay Rudolph are to join the cast of the upcoming comedy film The Present. Ryan Guzman replaces Ross Butler and joins the star cast. Here are all the details…


Ryan Guzman and Shay Rudolph will be joining other cast members Isla Fisher, Mason Shea Joyce, Greg Kinnear, and Easton Rocket Sweda. As per reports, Ryan Guzman has taken over Mr. Butler’s role in the family comedy The Present. Guzman is known for his incredible role in 9-1-1 as a firefighter. The actor has also been in other films and series, such as Heroes Reborn, Notorious, and Pretty Little Liars. His major credits comprise Step Up, Everybody Wants Some, and more. 


“It means so much to me to be part of a project highlighting the very real, yet under-reported epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women,” said Guzman. “I hope the film will bring awareness and inspire others to become allies in the movement to keep our Native people safe.”

Ryan Guzman Replacing Ross Butler in The Present

The plot of the film The Present is centered around time manipulation. The major character was Ross Butler. However, as per the latest news, he has been replaced by Ryan Guzman. The reason, however, isn’t revealed yet. Guzman takes over Butler’s role and portrays the character of adult Eugene Choi in Shazam! and Shazam! 

The Present Film Plot 

The plot of the film is going to be about this smart guy who discovers that he can manipulate time. Using an enchanted family heirloom, he acquires the skills that take to manipulate time. Then, he teams up with his siblings and tries to change the outcome of his parent’s separation. As they dive deeper into the practice, they uncover a lot about family ties and bonds. Fisher and Kinnear are playing the parents. Sweda, Rudolph, and Joyce are portraying the character of the siblings. 

Other Cast Members 

Other cast members of the film The Present include:


  • Easton Rocket Sweda, 
  • Shay Rudolph, and 
  • Mason Shea Joyce 
  • Isla Fisher, and others. 


Director Ditter has put together a good cast. Isla Fisher (Wolf Like Me) and Greg Kinnear (Shining Vale) will play the characters of estranged parents. Earlier, Isla Fisher has been a part of the comedy series Strays. Her big credits include The Great Gatsby, Rise of the Guardians, Now You See Me, Greed, Nocturnal Animals, and more. 


Greg Kinnear has also been a multiple award nominee. Some of her best works comprise Stuck in Love, You’ve Got Mail, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Men, Ghost Town, and House of Cards, among others. 


The Present was written by Jay Martel. He’s an Emmy Winner for his well-recognized work Key and Peele. The Chairman and CEO of AGC Studios are producing the film. Other producers include Linda McDonough, Marcie Brown, and Jessica Malanaphy. Executive producers are Martel, Miguel Palos, Jason Clark, and Zach Garrett. Lastly, the film is being directed by Christian Ditter who also directed How To Be Single. The film is being shot in Los Angeles. 


The makers haven’t revealed the release date for The Present. 

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