Rush Hour 4: Release date, Cast, and all you need to know

Now you don’t have to rush tryna collect information about Rush Hour Season 4 – because, in this article, we will provide you with exactly what you need!

Megha Star Series Rush Hour was released in the 90s, and guess what fam? It is finally making a comeback with its fourth edition! Hell yes, Rush Hour Season 4 is freaking happening!!

Rush Hour featuring Jackie Chan is an American action, thriller, comedy film series that first aired in 1998. Directed by Brett Ratner and written by Ross LaManna, the series revolves around Chief Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter – two main characters of the plot! These two police officers go to Hong Kong and Los Angeles to solve the case regarding the underworld mafias of those areas. The film comprises tons of components of martial arts, humor, comedy, and the buddy cop friendship. Friendship being the essence of the series!

There will hardly be anyone who has not seen the oh-so-popular series, Rush Hour. Well, in case you haven’t – go, watch it, man! It received a lot of praise from the audience and critics. All the three movies of Rush Hour proved to be super hits at the box office. As of now, the trilogy has grossed over a billion dollars at the Box office across the world. Keeping the success of the films in mind, even today – 15 years after the release of the last movie, the makers want to reunite Chan and Tucker for the fourth instalment of the series. Excited much?

Rush Hour 4: When’s the fourth film hitting the screens?

After legit 15 years of waiting, the makers of the show have decided to release the fourth film. It’s okay if you can’t sustain your excitement, lol.

The filming plan of the show has not been disclosed by the production team or the developers yet. Consequently, it would be kind of foolish to expect the confirmation of the release date under these circumstances. As of now, we don’t even know if the script’s ready. Guess, we will just have to wait for further announcements and revelations! 

However, if the production starts this year, we can expect the next chapter’s arrival by the middle of 2023. Well, all the string lies in the hands of makers! Nothing can be exempted unless any official confirmation comes from their side. As soon as we receive any potential news, we’ll update you guys in our next post. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page or subscribe to us for more fun and informative content!

Rush Hour 4: Is the official trailer out yet?

As mentioned earlier, there have been no announcements or news updates by the production house about Rush Hour 4’s premiere date. That being, the official trailer or promotional teaser isn’t out yet, ‘course!  Once the show announces the official release date, the trailer will be released within a month or two. Besides, no footage/behind-the-scenes video is publicly revealed by the cast or the makers. But don’t you worry, we’ll update y’all in case fresh news comes out!

Rush Hour 4: Who all will be featured in the star cast?

Because there have been no official revelations by the makers of the show, we do not know who all will be featured in the star cast. We’re still waiting for further information, including the full cast list. However, it’s for certain that the main lead actors and actresses will return! Actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are a necessity for the fourth film – so, there’s a good chance they might return. We might also get to see Tzi Ma (Ambassador Solon Hay) and his daughter, Soo-Yung Han. stay tuned for more updates!

Rush Hour 4: What can we expect from the plot?

The last update that came officially in front of the public was in 2017 through Jackie Chan’s statement. He revealed, “the script was finishing up in a good place and that if a sequel actually did happen, it would come down to Tucker agreeing on the story.” And recently, through one of his tweets, Tucker also said that he is all set for the upcoming instalment of Rush Hour. However, neither of them disclosed any bit of the storyline. As a result, we don’t have any clue regarding the plot of Rush Hour season 4.

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