Robot Chicken Season 12: Everything We Know So Far

The question everyone is asking is whether Robot Chicken Season 12 is cancelled or confirmed? Will it get renewed for another season? Let’s go through everything we know so far. 

Robot Chicken, the one of its kind stop-motion series on Adult Swim from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich is expected to return for the 12th season. However, after its 11th season in the fall of 2021, the confirmation on the next instalment of this long-running series has neither been denied nor confirmed by its writer-director, Tom Root. The series has produced a total of eleven seasons so far and yes, we’re desperately waiting for another season of this incredible show.

However, the show is yet to be announced for another season run. In an interview with Chris Killian from, Root hesitated to discuss the Robot Chicken and focused on his other upcoming tv series, the second season of Crossing Swords

“I can’t tell you anything,” he said, “there’s no official news we can talk about yet.” 

There wasn’t much talk on Robot Chicken from Root in the interview, nevertheless, he kept the hopes up of all the fans. In the following conversation, he revealed more about Crossing Swords and how its second season is going to be different from Robot Chicken. 

As per the latest reliable news regarding the new season of our favorite cyborg chicken with purple laser eyes, the show still awaits the final confirmation from the production for its 12th season. However, what we can say with surety is that the show is not cancelled. 

If you’re truly hungry for the show, you may still want to rewatch the 20-minute drills of season 11. Those episodes are gems. 

What to expect from Robot Chicken Season 12? 

Every episode of Robot Chicken is a quarter-hour of a different theme. 

It’s safe to say that new episodes of the 12th season may pick satirical sketches based on pop culture as the previous seasons have done. 

The writers of the show would again stick to the incredible random sets while still maintaining the hilarious voice. It’s the sheer randomness of the show that makes Robot Chicken special. 

This Emmy-winning stop-motion series may turn the table to ever more hyper-spoofing horror. As big fans of this triumphant series, what we expect from it is a fast-paced satire skewering every corner of pop culture.

Green and Senreich are expected to return with their writing as well as their voice. As per fans, Robot Chicken, Mads Scientist and Bitch Pudding are expected to return. And with them, may return the insane characters and personalities from the biggest hit movies, television shows, and pop celebrities. They may even play with some nursery rhymes. Who knows? The show is unpredictable. That’s what we love about it. 

Whatever may be the future of Chicken Robot, if you love the directors and the writers of the series, we may also want to coddle with their new series ‘Crossing Words’ available on Hulu. That said, Robot Chicken will have to wait, at least until the Summer before anything solid about the release dates are confirmed.  

In spite of checking everything shared on the social account and press releases of Adult Swim, we are sad to inform you that there is nothing exciting available on the show, yet. 

You may also want to check Robot Chicken’s official page on the Adult Swim website for their updated status.

We will keep you informed of new information as it comes along in the coming weeks. 


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