Riptide Season 2: When will it be released and what to expect?

Channel 5’s psychological series Riptide gained a huge fan following with its first season and fans can’t help but wonder if the show will be back for more. 

Conceived by Jason Herbison and helmed by Scott Major. The first season of the British-Australian psychological thriller TV series was launched in December 2022. It stars Jo Joyner, Peter O’Brien, Ciarán Griffiths, David Berry, Ben Turland, and Asher Yasbincek. The series was filmed in beautiful Melbourne, Australia in August 2022.

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What is The Show About?

Alison (Jo Joyner) has just exchanged vows with Sean Weston (Peter O’Brien). Both of their kids find it difficult to fit in with the new family, and Alison’s ex-husband wants her to return. During a morning surf, Alison’s husband Sean suddenly disappears. It is unclear if the riptide got him or if it could be something else. She soon started investigating the disappearances of her husband.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Riptide? 

As of January 2023, there’s been no official word yet concerning a second season of Riptide. Given the first season only had four episodes clearly indicates that the series was only meant for a single-season series and not beyond that. Hence, it is unlikely that a new season will happen in the future.

When is Riptide Season 2 Releasing? 

As mentioned earlier, the series has not been greenlit for a second season yet. The showrunners haven’t said anything about a new season either. Season one of Riptide was launched on December 27 to 30, 2023, consisting of four episodes. According to reports, the psychological thriller series would not be back for another round. So those fans who are awaiting the series’ return would have to say goodbye to the show. However, you can always rewatch the previous season.

The Cast of Riptide Season 2

Here’s the full list of the cast and characters of Riptide:

  • Jo Joyner in the role of Alison Weston
  • Peter O’Brien in the character of Sean Weston
  • Ciarán Griffiths played the role of Michael Lane
  • David Berry played the character of Dan Burrell/Simon Cameron
  • Ben Turland played the role of Ethan Weston
  • Asher Yasbincek portrayed the role of Hannah Lane
  • Ally Fowler in the role of Rachel Weston
  • Yazeed Daher played the role of Logan Williams
  • Sonya Suares played the character of Sergeant Bhomik
  • Pia Miranda played the role of Jenny Clarke
  • Benjamin Samaddar played the role of Jesse Patel
  • Max Brown in the role of Finn Baker
  • Patrick Harvey in the role of Andrew White
  • Patrick Williams played the character of Philip Eldersly
  • Emma Choy played the role of Naomi Burrell
  • Toby Lang played the role of Constable Lang
  • Ashley Stocco played the role of Detective Abela
  • Adam McConvell played the role of Detective Da Silva
  • Judy Beaumont played the role of Sara Wiseman
  • Hannah Ogawa played the role of Melody Ling
  • Scott Major played the character of Daniel Burrell

Riptide was executive produced by Jason Herbison and Natalie Mandel served as the producer. Each episode of the series had a runtime of 60 minutes. 

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