Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Ecole Season 2: Release Date and more updates

Developed for Netflix, “Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle” is the first-ever music show created by Sam Wrench. The competition show is produced by Gaspin Media, Get Lifted Film Company, and Jesse Collins Entertainment alongside Jeff Gaspin, Jesse Collins, John Legend, Jeff Pollack, and Nikki Boella serving as the executive producers.


The music reality show was launched on Netflix on October 9, 2019, and has since then gained more fans, especially from the hip-hop society.  Viewers across the globe watched the show which made it so popular and one of the best music competition series so far. According to TIME Magazine, Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle is deemed “the best music competition show in years”. 


It’s no surprise that fans are wondering about the second season as it’s been almost three years since the first season dropped and till now season 2 has not been aired. The good news, the showrunners have provided us about the upcoming season of Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle. 


Will there be a Season 2 of Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle?


Given the popularity of the show, it’s guaranteed that the show will indeed return with a second instalment. We say this with conviction because season 1 winner, D Smoke, shook the fans when he shared a tweet on his Twitter account. Season 2 of Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle was declared in March 2022, where the rapper appeared in a clip rapping his release and promising us that the competition show will return with a new season.


Soon after, Judge I.T confirmed this news on his Twitter, disclosing that interested artists can turn in their audition recordings. This indicates that a second season is in preparation. 


Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Season 2 Release Date: When is it?


Although a second season is confirmed, an official release date for the upcoming season is yet to be announced. But it is expected that the new season will premiere in fall 2022 or early 2023.


The Cast and Judges of Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Season 2: Who are the participants? 


The first season’s Judges were Chance the Rapper, T.I., and Cardi B. So it’s likely that the same judges will return in the second season or we’re certain yet as nothing is revealed so far.


As for the participants, season 2 will introduce the viewers to a whole new batch of participants. Earlier, T.I., one of the judges in season 1 asked artists to turn in their audition tapes in March 2022 but the names of the participants were not revealed so at this point we’re clueless like everyone else. 


Needless to say, the first season had 9 participants in total namely D. Smoke, Flawless Real Talk, Londynn B, Troyman, Caleb Colossus, Sam Be Yourself, Ali Tomineek, Big Moufbo, and Old Man Saxon. Among the 9 participants, D. SMoke was declared the victor of the first season while Flawless Real Talk was placed the runner-up. So we expect the same number of participants to compete in the show.


Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle Season 2 Plot


Just like in the first season, fans will witness an intense battle in the second season. We’re not sure if there’ll be twists and turns but since this is a reality show we can always expect unexpected things to happen. Participants will experience their toughest battles and face their opponents to keep themselves in the competition. 


Season 2 will probably follow the same concept and keep the same energy but for sure it’s going to be another long and difficult battle among the talented participants. 


Where To Watch ‘Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle’?


Season 1 of Rhythm + Flow Nouvelle is available to watch on Netflix.

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