Reservation Dogs Season 2: Release date, Cast, and Plot Spoiler

Reservation Dogs is an Indigenous American teen dramedy TV series developed by Sterlin Harjo along with Taika Waititi produced for FX Productions which was released on August 9, 2021. It is worth mentioning that for the first time in history, it comprises mostly Indigenous North American cast, writers, directors, and production squad. Filming for the first season entirely took place in Oklahoma.


Those who haven’t watched this series, you’re sleeping on an incredible series, and those who are patiently awaiting a new season can breathe a sigh of relief as the show has been renewed for the next installment. The renewal announcement was dropped in September 2021. Currently, not much is known if filming has already begun since there have been no updates till now. 


In this post, we have compiled all that is to know about the forthcoming season. 


Reservation Dogs Season 2 Release Date


It’s been widely speculated that the second season will premiere somewhere in 2022 but nothing has been confirmed by the showrunners at the moment. Moreover, an official release date is yet to be announced by FX. In the meantime, all we can do is wait patiently for further announcements. 


The Cast for Season 2 of Reservation Dogs


It’s obvious for the four main characters to return in the second season as well that includes–


  • Devery Jacobs in the role of Elora Danan Postoak

  • D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai plays Bear Smallhill

  • Lane Factor portrays Cheese  

  • Paulina Alexis will return as Willie Jack


It’s also likely that some of the supporting characters will reprise their roles including–


  • Sarah Podemski will play Rita

  • Zahn McClarnon will portray Officer Big

  • Dallas Goldtooth plays William “Spirit” Knifeman

  • Gary Farmer in the role of Uncle Brownie

  • Lil Mike plays Mose

  • Elva Guerra characterizes Jackie

  • Funny Bone plays Mekko

  • Jack Maricle portrays White Steve

  • Jude Barnett will play the character of Bone Thug Dog

  • Xavier Bigpond will play Weeze

  • Dalton Cramer plays Daniel

  • Kirk Fox will portray Kenny Boy

  • Matty Cardarople will play Ansel

  • Jon Proudstar portrays Leon

  • Keland Lee Bearpaw in the role of Danny Bighead


What Would Happen in Season 2 of Reservation Dogs?


The first season ended on a cliffhanger and we expect the second season to continue the story from where it was left off. This means that viewers would possibly get to see a fallout between the Rez Dogs and the NDN Mafia as in the finale episode we saw Elora heading to California along with Jackie, the leader of NDN Mafia.


Season 2 will also reveal more about the estranged father of Bear. In a chat with TVLine, star D’ Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai conveyed his ideas about his character encountering his father and hints that “I definitely think we will. Do I think Punkin is gonna come to Oklahoma? No, I don’t think so. If (and it’s a big “if”) the Reservation Dogs go to California, I don’t even know if Bear will want to go see his dad at that point. […] Will Punkin redeem himself in later episodes? I can definitely see that. I don’t know what the writers are gonna do with it!” However, it is not confirmed if Joddi is willing to return for the project


Where Can I Watch Reservation Dogs?


All the episodes of Reservation Dogs are available to watch on Hulu. Go stream now! 

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