Real Steel 2 Movie: Release Date 2022, Cast, and All Details

The first movie ‘Real Steel’ directed by Shawn Levy featuring Hugh Jackman was released in October 2011. When the movie came out it received mixed responses but was a huge hit at the box office collecting over a whopping $299 million worldwide. Although it’s been a decade, it appears fans are still hoping to see a sequel.


Seemingly, there have been talks about a possible sequel that is reported to be in development. During the pandemic, Real Steel was added on Netflix and was watched by many new audiences which boosted the views and eventually entered the Top 10 most-watched movies on the streaming giant. Shawn Levy felt there could be some potential. Speaking to Inverse, Levy discloses he discussed with Hugh Jackamn about a possible sequel.



“It has been in my mind and in conversation a lot lately. Maybe because of the fact that when Netflix started streaming it during the lockdown, it became one of their top trending and most-viewed titles. Which led to Hugh and I talking again about, ‘What is this love for Real Steel?’ Kind of this realization that, ‘Well wait, we love it that much too.’ We’ve always loved it that much too. It’s one of those ‘never say never’, even though it feels like the clock has run out on that window of opportunity. It feels like that fan love and that audience hasn’t gone away. So, who knows?” 


Let’s find out in detail about the upcoming sequel of Real Steel below:

Real Steel  All About The movie

Real Steel
Directed by Shawn Levy
Screenplay by John Gatins
Story by Dan Gilroy

Jeremy Leven

Based on Steel

by Richard Matheson

Produced by Don Murphy

Susan Montford

Shawn Levy

  • Hugh Jackman
  • Dakota Goyo
  • Evangeline Lilly
  • Anthony Mackie
  • Kevin Durand
Cinematography Mauro Fiore
Edited by Dean Zimmerman
Music by Danny Elfman


  • DreamWorks Pictures[1]
  • Reliance Entertainment
  • 21 Laps Entertainment
  • ImageMovers
  • Montford Murphy Productions
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures[a]
Release dates
  • September 6, 2011 (Paris)
  • October 6, 2011 (Australia)
  • October 7, 2011 (United States)
Running time 127 minutes
Country United States
Budget $110 million
Box office $299.3 million


Real Steel 2 Release Date: When Is It?


Director Shawn Levy previously said that they’ve been working on the sequel for about three years now. He also mentioned that the sequel needs to be launched soon. For now, we can assume that the release date for the sequel might fall somewhere in 2022 or 2023.


Real Steel 2 Cast: Who Will Return?


The official cast line isn’t confirmed yet but we expect to see the same characters as seen in the first movie to return in the upcoming possible sequel. 


  • Hope Davis plays Aunt Debra

  • Kevin Durand depicts Ricky

  • Hugh Jackman portrays Charlie Kenton

  • Evangeline Lilly characterizes Bailey Tallet

  • Olga Fonda plays Farra Lemkova

  • Karl Yune will return as Tak Mashido

  • James Rebhorn will play Marvin

  • Dakota Goyo will play Max Kenton

  • Anthony Mackie will portray the role of Finn

  • Gregory Sims plays Bill Panner


Real Steel 2 Plot: What To Expect?


There were speculations about an upcoming sequel but till now there’s no concrete information about it. Although Director Shawn Levy did reveal that he and Hugh discussed a possible sequel. 


Levy explains, “We have been quietly developing a sequel to ‘Real Steel’ for three and a 1/2 years. We’ve come up with some excellent scripts.


However, Hugh and I would solely make it if the plot feels fresh; additionally, the personal journeys feel fresh, and we’ve determined each, however, in no way at the same time. 


It’s ongoing. I comprehend that the clock is ticking. That movie, weirdly, for a film that did very nicely globally–it did ok domestically–but the love for ‘Real Steel’ stays unique as ways as rabid followers who ask me all the time for every other one,” he added. “Hugh and I love that film, so if we can crack it, we’ll make it. However, I feel that we make that appear quickly or frankly, the target market may additionally no and similar there in a similar way. So we shall see,” said Levy.


He also added: “We higher make that occur soon.” With that said, we believe that it’s never too late to make a comeback let alone after a decade. Are you excited for the sequel? Because we are! 


Where to Watch Real Steel?


The movie is available to watch on SonyLiv.

Real Steel Box Office 


Real Steel earned $85.5 million in North America, and $213.8 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $299.3 million. It had a worldwide opening of $49.4 million.

It managed first-place debuts in 11 countries including Hugh Jackman’s native Australia ($4.2 million).


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