Real Bros of Simi Valley season 4: Renewal status, Release date, Cast, and Plot

Based in Simi Valley, California. “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” is an American scripted comedy TV series that premiered on YouTube in April 2017.  This comedy program showcases some of the fan-favorite parodies which include other popular reality shows like Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives. The show follows four pals and journals their mission as they attempt to comprehend their lives ten years after finishing high school.


Created by Jimmy Tatro and Christian A. Pierce who also executively produced the series and has penned every episode. After helming the first season with Michael J. Gallagher, both the second and third seasons was directed by Tatro who also stars in the show along with Nick Colletti, Tanner Petulla, and Cody Ko, with supporting cast members comprising of Colleen Donovan, Peter Gilroy, Monette Moio, Monica Joy Sherer, and Maddy Whitby. 


After delivering two successful seasons, The Real Bros of Simi Valley renewed for a third installment which premiered in February 2020. However, it’s over two years and no new season is released and fans are anxious about whether a fourth season will be renewed. Here’s what we know about Season 4 of The Real Bros of Simi Valley.


The Real Bros of Simi Valley Season 4: Confirmed or Cancelled?


As of July 2022, the mockumentary series is yet to be renewed for a fourth instalment. Fans have been waiting for the arrival of the fourth season for the past two years but so far there’s been no concrete update or information from the show makers. Considering the success of the show, we’re optimistic that a new season is definitely on the cards.


When is Season 4 of The Real Bros of Simi Valley Releasing? 


As stated earlier, The Real Bros of Simi Valley Season 4 is still awaiting to be renewed or canceled so there is no official release date announced.


Season 1 of The Real Bros of Simi Valley premiered on YouTube on April 10, 2017. Season 2 was released on Facebook Watch on November 30, 2018. Season 3 was launched on February 14, 2020. 


Facebook is yet to provide any official announcement concerning the fourth season, hopefully, we get an update soon. So, on the off chance, the show gets renewed, we expect the new season to be by the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023.

Real Bros of Simi Valley Episodes Guide

Currently, Real Bros of Simi Valley has produced a total of three seasons so far and released 25 episodes overall. The list of episodes for each seasonis mentioned below:



Season One List of Episodes

Episode 1: Meet the Bros

Episode 2: The Girls Are Back

Episode 3: Squashing the Beef

Episode 4: The Kickback

Season Two of Episodes

Episode 1: Final Straw

Episode 2: Obnoxiously Depressed

Episode 3: Under Yonder

Episode 4: The Simi Pro Am

Episode 5: Soul Patch Showdown

Episode 6: Open House

Episode 7: Leaving Simi

Episode 8: Lake Day

Episode 9: Dunc Surf

Episode 10: The Bro-Off

Season Three List of Episodes

Episode 1: Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Episode 2: Feeling the Burn

Episode 3: Decaf Kush

Episode 4: Exes and Axes

Episode 5: Crushing Therapy

Episode 6: Back In High School

Episode 7: Sons of Xanarchy

Episode 8: Cabo

Episode 9: Lights Out Gringos

 Episode 10: Full Fledged Rando

Episode 11: #XanTakesMolly


The Cast of The Real Bros of Simi Valley Season 4


The cast members expected to return in season 4 includes:


Main Characters

  • Jimmy Tatro plays Xander Sanders

  • Nick Colletti plays Duncan Surf

  • Cody Ko plays Wade Sanders

  • Tanner Petulla will act as Bryce Meyer

  • Colleen Donovan will be back as Molly McShay

  • Peter Gilroy will reprise as Johnny Mendez

  • Monette Moio will return as Tessa

  • Monica Joy Sherer will portray as Lexy

  • Maddy Whitby will act as Dani (seasons 2 and 3)


Recurring Cast


  • Paul Thomas Arnold plays Jeff Sanders

  • Eric Walbridge plays Brayson (seasons 1–2)

  • Tennile Marie Goosic in the role of Sam (season 1)

  • Cara Santana plays Andrea (season 2)

  • Christine Cattell portrays Sandy Sanders (seasons 2–3)

  • Christian A. Pierce plays Aldis (seasons 2–3)

  • Emmett and Wyatt Phillips plays Hawk Sanders (season 2)

  • Christopher McDonald portrays Cal Surf (seasons 2–3)

  • Roman Galardi depicts Ethan (season 2)

  • Lauren Elizabeth depicts Evonne (season 2)

  • Pierson Fodé characterizes Yonder (seasons 2–3)

  • Oscar Miranda illustrates Hector (season 2)

  • Ego Nwodim plays Brenda (season 2)

  • Brandon Wardell plays Brian (season 2)

  • Kyle Herbert portrays Chris (season 2)

  • Siddharth Dhananjay depicts Brinkman (season 2)

  • Alice Lee depicts Chelsie (season 3)

  • Hilty Bowen plays Jenna (season 3)

  • Brock O’Hurn plays Keto (season 3)

  • Victoria Justice plays Courtney Ingles (season 3)

  • Thomas Barbusca plays as a high schooler (season 3)

  • Griffin Gluck illustrates Aaron (season 3)


The Real Bros of Simi Valley Season 4 Plot: What Can We Expect?


Plot details are kept under wraps for now because Facebook has not renewed season 4 yet. Nevertheless, The Real Bros of Simi Valley seems to be only getting more and more popular with every new season released and it was one of the most popular/ successful shows on Facebook. Also based on the ending of the third season, it is expected that the loose ends will be further explored in the upcoming season also providing a proper closure to season three. 


Stay tuned for more updates!

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