Queen of the South Season 6: Release Date and All Updates

Developed by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, ‘Queen of the South is an American action thriller crime drama television series that premiered on June 23, 2016, on USA Network. The series is based on the telenovela ‘La Reina del Sur’ that airs on the network Telemundo; both series are an adaptation of the book ‘La Reina del Sur’ penned by Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte. It features Alice Braga, Peter Gadiot, Hemky Madera, Molly Burnett, Veronica Falcon, Joaquim de Almeida, Justina Machado, Gerardo Taracena, Alfonso Herrera, Jon-Michael Ecker, Joseph T. Camp is, and David Andrews. 


Queen of the South has so far produced a total of five seasons with an overall number of 62 episodes. The fifth season was the final outing of the series which ended on June 9, 2021. Currently, there is no information regarding a possible sixth season. Although fans are eagerly looking for the new season, the future seems bleak. Let’s find out in detail below.


Will There Be a Season 6 of Queen of the South?


Unfortunately, no. There won’t be a season 6 of Queen of the South as the series was canceled by the network. The first season was the final season.


Filming for the fifth season was halted due to the pandemic but the showrunners somehow managed to complete it and eventually launched the ten-episode season on April 7, 2021.


When production resumed, it was announced that the fifth season would be the final outing of the show. Fans were surprised by the sudden announcement of the cancellation as they hoped to see more of Tereza Mendoza’s (Alice Braga) adventures.


Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date: When Is It?


As previously mentioned, the series wrapped with its fifth season, and therefore, the prospect of the show returning with the sixth season seems quite bleak. 


How Many Episodes Were There In Season 5 of Queen of the South?


Season 5 of Queen of the South comprises a total of ten episodes. The list of episodes are–


  • Episode 1: “Ghosts”

  • Episode 2: “I’ll Take Manhattan”

  • Episode 3: “Don’t Lose Your Head”

  • Episode 4: “The Situation”

  • Episode 5: “More Money More Problems”

  • Episode 6: “Silver or Lead”

  • Episode 7: “The Fox in Chicken Coop”

  • Episode 8: “Everything I Touch”

  • Episode 9: “Bulletproof”

  • Episode 10: “The End”


The Cast of Queen of the South


  • Alice Braga played the main character as Teresa Mendoza

  • Peter Gadiot played the role of James Valdez 

  • Veronica Falcón portrayed the character of Doña Camila Vargas 

  • Hemky Madera played Pote Galvez

  • Joaquim de Almeida played the role Don Epifanio Vargas

  • Justina Machado played the role of Brenda Parra 

  • Gerardo Taracena portrayed the character of Cesar “Batman” Guemes 

  • Jon-Michael Ecker played the role of Raymundo “Güero” Davila 

  • Nick Sagar portrayed DEA agent Alonzo Loya 

  • Yancey Arias played Alberto Cortez 

  • Alfonso Herrera played Javier Jimenez 

  • David Andrews in the role of Judge Cecil Lafayette 

  • Molly Burnett portrayed the character of Kelly Anne Van Awken 


Where Can I Watch Queen of the South


All episodes of the previous five seasons of Queen of the South are available to watch on Netflix.

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