QB1 season 4: Release date and everything we know so far

“QB1: Beyond the Lights” is a documentary series that comprises true compelling stories of high school athletes on the cusp of achieving their football dreams. Created by Peter Berg, who directed “Friday Night Lights“, the show was much loved and appreciated for its originality and direction. So, will we see more of these high school footballers? Well, read the article til’ the very end to know everything about QB1 season 4! 

Will there be QB1 Season 4?

As of this writing, Netflix hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the release of QB1: Beyond the Lights Season 4. While some reports suggest that the production of the series did begin in 2019, it’s stuck in the pre-production phase. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the showrunners were waiting for football matches to return as usual. 

Fans of the show speculated that the fourth edition would release in August 2020, but it’s been more than a year now. So, it’s only wise to revise expectations, and perhaps, even hope for the worst. Who knows the docuseries might be cancelled?

QB1 is literally the first documentary series to feature three seasons. Netflix mostly features one-and-done deals, when it comes to documentaries. Since there haven’t been any potential updates regarding QB1 season 4, we can make some educated guesses. If everything goes right, we might anticipate the show’s release by the end of 2022.

Who will be in QB1 Season 4?

The previous three seasons of QB1 featured three high school football players as they try to secure a scholarship with a prestigious university program in the hopes of propelling their career towards the NFL. Each of the seasons encompasses different high school football players, so the concept of the recurring cast is not a thing here.

While Netflix has not confirmed the three athletes filmed for the fourth installment, reports coming around the US seem to indicate who will be the focus of attention for the new episodes of “QB1: Beyond the Lights.”

An article for the Independent Florida Alligator revealed that Downrange Production, Inc had begun gathering footage of Eastside High School football star Anthony Richardson in Gainesville, Florida. Moreover, Florida Times-Union reported that Carson Beck from Jacksonville, Florida might also be associated with the series.

However, as of this writing, nothing is confirmed. Until Netflix announces more details about QB1 Season 4, we can confidently say that the next season will bring us to follow the lives of three student-athletes and their respective teams. Stay tuned for more updates!

Any updates on the official trailer for QB1 season 4?

As aforesaid, there have been no revelations as to when QB1 season 4 will hit the screens. That said, the official teaser is yet to be released! You can expect the promotional teaser or trailer to be released a month or two after the confirmation of season 4. In case we receive any news updates from the team, we’ll stick ‘em in our next article. Stay tuned!

QB1 season 4: Ratings and reviews?

The show received an overall positive response from the fandom and critics. It managed to score a solid score of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb. The reviews are pretty decent in other review aggregator sites as well.

Where can you watch QB1 season 4? 

Watch the docu-series on Netflix!

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